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Hey guys.....Hope everyone is having a good time out there. Fishing is still thick down here in rhode island. Just got off the beach, plugging for stripers and kept coming up with blues. oh well, i like the fight.

I just have a few cents for you here.....

I really am the opposite on this whole mono vs. braid thing. Myself, i don't like the stretch at all of Mono lines. I've tried it, i mean, isn't that what we all started off with? But the No-stretch of braid, catches me fish everytime where mono would have faultered. With my 30# PowerPro, i turn the rocks over when i get hung up and i've never lost a fish on account of braid. Now don't forget, everyone has their own preferences, this is america. Some guys will always use mono, and always catch fish. the other guys will always use braid, and always catch fish.....I don't think its as much the line you use as much as its the place you fish. i've never fished mussel beds in my life, so who am i? I just know this......I have to be one of the hardest "hook set" guys i've ever known, i mean, hell, i've come up with just lips before, hahaha.....but my line has never broke because of it.

Ok thats like 4 cents.....but what the hey.

Like i tell my friends......Use what works for you.

this has been a public service message.........

:twisted: craig aka briggs :twisted:

aka surfcastermaster

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