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Default Here is another 2 cents, Hope it helps.

Personally, I have found that a mono shock solves this problem.
I was snapping 20 lb braid on 2 lb largmouth bass with just a worm hook.
If you are going to use a technique that requires a hard hook set you
need the stretch, mono is also less visable to fish.
Also, rock/mussle damage is more apparent (feel you line with your
fingers after each cast)on mono so you will know earlier if you need to change it.

Only use a swivel if you have to.
Attach the braid/mono with a knot. not a swivel.
This site has a good page on shock leader creation:

Note: with that size braid you are going to need 10-12 wraps in the
uni knot portion. (not kidding)

Also, are you using guides that are rated for braid? Some older guides
create too much friction, and even with new ones, braid creates more friction. Sometimes you can compensate for this by setting your drag
considderably lower. Be sure to test the drag in a real
world manner. Put your hook on something heavy and get your rod to bend a little. I was supprised how low I had to set the drag on some of my
riggs with braid.

Anyway.. I hope some of this helps you out.

Petri Heil

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