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Hey Roc, when you process cod do you attempt to remove the laval cyst (cod worm) or do you view it as extra protein? I've heard that some commercial proccessers use a light table (used for examining X-rays) to see the worm in the cods muscles and pick them out with tweezers.

The life cycle of cod worm is quite interesting. From what I've read these laval cysts are dormant in cod. When a seal (or other predator) eats the worm infested cod the lavae matures in the predators stomack and produces eggs which are release in the predators fecal matter. In the case of seals, this starts the cycle all over again. If JJ doesn't know about this perhaps I made a mistake by bringing this up. He may not want to eat the fish you bring down for Thanks Giving.

This kind of reminds me of an add I saw a long time ago posted on a college bulletin board. "Tape worm for sale. Easy to care for pet. Goes where you go and eats what you eat" :)

Found this interesting related article on my second favorate web site ;)

If you haven't checked out this site yet (I promoted in another thread), if you have time you should. It's got tons of great information.

Here's the article I was referring to above.
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