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You beat me to it Roc. I was just going to post these new regs in the other thread I started on cod regs. The new cod regs aren't as restrictive as was originally change in limit or size for the recreational angler.

Remember when the primary reason given for the declining cod fishery was the abundance of seals? I think the current prevailing theory as to cod stocks declining is that they're starving. The reasoning.......Cod, unlike haddock which feed mostly on bottom dwelling creatures, typically feed mostly on small fish, which are no longer available in great abundance. Both cod and haddock are referred to as bottom fish I think mainly because both are typically found on or near bottom. However, their diets vary considerably. One just has to look at the position of their mouths to figure that out.

The critical evidence suggesting that they are indeed starving seems pretty conclusive to me. Looking at the typical cod caught 15 years ago versus today, several noteworthy differences can be seen. The same age fish is considerably smaller today than it was 15 years ago. Today, they got no belly and look emaciated. Here's something that's really interesting.....todays cod appear to be hunch-backed potentially indicating that they are changing their traditional diet from small fish to bottom dwelling creatures. Since a cods mouth position is not ideal for bottom feeding, they must bend their torso to feed while swimming. Studies of the belly contents of todays cod seem to confirm this.

I'm not sure how the new regs are speaking to the prevalent starvation theory unless it has something to do with the new herring restrictions. Any idea what they're trying to do with these new herring regs?

What's your take on this Roc?
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