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Default my braided line keeps snapping...

hey everyone,
i have a problem with my braided line. it has been snapping at least once every time i go out fishing. i just converted over to braided about 2 weeks ago and i dont have much experience with it. my setup is 2 swivels with a plastic fish finder in between with a 4oz weight for beach fishing. below that i have about 2ft(still braided line) of leader and then a gamakatsu bait hook about size 7ish. the line is 30lb test (fireline? bright green)with something like 10-12lb diameter. i use all the recommended knots for tying my rig together(uni knots/snell etc...). ive snapped line when i try to set my hook when a fish yanks my line. whats going on? i also notice that line cuts into the fish finders and they kinda fall off or get stuck on the line. usually the line breaks dead center between the 2 swivels with the fish finder. any help or suggestions? thanks!

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