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Default Re: Tailwater stripers

Lake Greeson Tailwater (Little Missouri River)

Some important tips:
The use of natural bait
The use of bait that is natural, and present it as natural as possible. Shad Fry is a natural prey of striped bass, so try to silvery gray shad lures, chrome or blue clear water. In turbid water, switch to a brighter, color attract more visible, such as Chartreuse.
Try Crankbait
Crankbaits are versatile and successful in striped bass at any time in almost all the water. Use a crankbait that cover a large area of ​​water efficiently. Stripers hungry troll strike grassy water, shallow or deep water when they surface to feed. Learning to throw the troll in the structures under water for a realistic presentation. After a rebound, allowing realistic pause, then pull on the bait a little longer. It's certainly not, continuous motion, which makes the bait look alive.
Cover different depths
Striped bass or I remain more or less water depth and the establishment of your bait to cover different depths can lead to strikes.
One pound of 10. or 12 lbs. line is appropriate for trolling more. A lighter line can help the fish to a lure deeper, but can also be used for shallow crankbait. A slightly higher test of 14 lbs. will give you better control of grasses and around underwater obstacles. A heavier line also allows you to keep shallow crankbait near the water surface.
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