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Default Re: Lets see some bass that took home made Plugs

Originally Posted by Ed White View Post
Hey roc, this is a winter I would just as soon forget, snow, cold, had to change jobs, did I mention snow? And it's not over yet......
Bays and rivers are open for fishing this week tho, maybe I'll get to go scratch the itch.

I didn't have to change jobs, but we've got snow Knee high to a trall squaws @$$...... enough snow has melted that i can now see the multitude of downed pine limbs in the yard.. at one point we 4' of snow on the roof.... I drive a 3/4 ton truck and am probably 3-4 weeks away from seeing over the snow pile at the end of the drive way... just this week i finally have full view from the kitchen window!.. yea I hear ya on the snow!.. most of out lakes north and west of Bean town are still locked in ice... serious ice... 18-24" on average...there is about 30" on some of the bays in New Hampshire..
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