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The best tides are always the Lagtides. this is two hours before and after ALL tides. My most favorite time to fish is late night into early morning just before the sun rises. fishing the tide when the sun goes down aint bad either...but that late night, all is quiet, tide in the nighttime, is prime time for me...

This Saturday...i'll be fishing from 1:00pm, until about 10pm. so i have the daytime to throw everything i own in the water, and when that sun dives, i'll switch right over to clambellies and kill um. (i hope)

next saturday night is much better and i will be hardcoring it all night long... i'll be starting at around 7pm and the tide will be changing over at about midnight...that to me is gold. It definetly changes with location though so keep your eyes open for other reports.

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