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Default Pending Brazos River, TX Hybrid Record 1/13/08

Caught this beauty Sunday while kayak fishing on the Upper Brazos River.

As is my tradition, I always plan one of my striper trips with a Cowboy playoff game.

Actually I was trying to take advantage of the cooler temps and consistent 50 CFS flows to hit some of my usual striper haunts on the river hoping that the abundance of adult gizzard shad and low water would keep a few big fish close by and willing.

Was on the river all day. I hit a few spots and caught a few 3-5 lb. stripers and wound up down river in a bend that has produced several good fish for me over the years.

With evening approaching I kayak up river a short way to freshen up with some freshly castnetted 10-12" baits. My intent was to return to the area where I had seen a good size fish take a swipe at one of my discarded baits as it swam on the surface.

I choose my victim and thread the 6/0 circle hook through his nose.
My plan was to flatline the bait 30 yards or so behind my kayak as I slowly dip the paddle blades to manuever myself around the deepest pocket of the bend.

I had selected lighter tackle due to the low , clear water conditions we usually have here on the Upper Brazos. I was confident that my 12 # Suffix Supreme would fool the wisest of fish.

I was not able to raise the fish.

I returned to the lay down in the middle of the river where I had been able to hold position by just hanging my leg over the side and straddling a branch. I left the shad trailing and that is when it got bit. I saw the slack coming out of the line and was able to disengage the clicker and wind tight to the fish.

What a fight. I love a fish that puts your tackle to the test. As usual my 6.6' Jarvis Walker MH rod with a Ambassadeur 5600 Pro Max were up to the task.

Only came to the top once when I came tight. Which is unusual for a big striper hooked in less than 12' of water. It was not until I got it to the yak that I realized what kind of a bulldog I had on the other end. I thought to myself BIG HYBRID!

Would have liked to release the fish for a Catch and Release State Record
however, the fish was hooked deep and bleeding. It was obvious to me that I either had a State or Water Body Record so I beat a hasty retreat
up river.

This is my best Hybrid to date by almost 5#and I was not in a Kayak when I caught the other nor was I in Texas. (Canadian River OK)

I have never even heard of one this size from a kayak!

17.97# on certfied scales. 32" long with a 24.5" girth.

Biologist ID by Dale Lyon, TP&W Hatchery Manager.
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