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Jerry Vovcsko

First dunked a worm in Otsego Lake (upstate NY) some 68 years ago and began pursuing striped bass in Cape Cod waters 40 years ago. Pretty soon I should be able to get it right...maybe.

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May 12, 2015

C'mon, Have a Heart!

by Jerry Vovcsko

Looks like I'll have to put the striper fishing on the back-burner for now. While I was at the hospital to get pre-op testing for a planned hip replacement, the cardiologist decided that my EKG results weren't up to par. A subsequent heart-catherization procedure determined that the aortic valve wasn't operating as it ought to and the upshot of all that medical folderol is that tomorrow (May 13th) I have a date with a talented young cardiac surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston to have open heart surgery to replace the wonky valve.

They plan to substitute a replacement made from cow's tissue for the malfunctioning one and it looks like if all goes well it'll be a couple of weeks before I'm back behind the keyboard again. They tell me these things are pretty routine procedures nowadays. I dunno…I'm sure those folks know what they're doing but as I understand it, the operation will take about five hours and they'll have some sort of infernal-machine taking over for my heart while they fix the valve. So I may be a little delayed with my next blog post, but what a great excuse:
"Sorry, teacher…I turned my report in late because I was officially dead for an hour or so!"

Ya gotta love it, huh? I'll let you know how it all turns out when I'm back up and running again. Oh, and by the way, I know some of you Jets fans won't agree, but I think the NFL really screwed Brady and the Patriots this time…as they say, this ain't over!

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