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Jerry Vovcsko

First dunked a worm in Otsego Lake (upstate NY) some 68 years ago and began pursuing striped bass in Cape Cod waters 40 years ago. Pretty soon I should be able to get it right...maybe.

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December 24, 2013

Winter Ice is Mighty Nice

by Jerry Vovcsko

Santa Claus sails his sled down from the North Pole tonight so tomorrow morning all the good little boys and girls will find out if Santa got their letters and they'll see whether that shiny new Van Staal reel or a lump of coal turned up in their stockings. Surprises are nice but sometimes they're a little more startling than we might need…or want.

Take, for instance, Los Angeles resident Jessica Hanson who was delighted to see the delivery crew show up at her house with a brand new Sears dishwasher still shrouded in its plastic and tape packaging material. Although the delivery crew, and apparently everyone else along the delivery chain, failed to notice the sizable garter snake stuck to the packaging material, Hasson and her boyfriend were immediately able to spot the difference between a drain hose and a three-foot snake.

Hasson promptly called animal control—a smart move, no doubt—but after some really hapless bureaucratic natterings, officials declared that they weren't able to do anything, since the snake was "already contained." A call to Sears brought equally ineffective results and in the end Ms. Hasson returned the dishwasher for a snake-free replacement at a later date.

A week after Christmas Day we'll be ushering in the New Year and hoping that 2014 turns out to be a year with perhaps fewer bizarre episodes for us to deal with, such as the gent who tried to trade a live alligator for a beer at a convenience store in Miami. The Florida state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission gave that guy a citation for illegally capturing and trying to sell the gator. He apparently trapped the 4-foot-long gator at a nearby park and brought it to the store in early December. When he proposed to trade the animal for a 12-pack of beer, the store clerk called authorities and the deal fell apart. Authorities said the alligator was "pretty much in good shape" and the creature was released back into the wild.

Well, we're in that transition time right now from open water fishing to wetting our lines through the fishable ice that should be forming soon. Actually, most of the local ponds in Southeastern Massachusetts have an inch or two of ice on the surface and if the weather turns out the way the TV weather guys are predicting, we may well have a solid four inches on top by New Year's Day. In any case, most of the ponds are inaccessible to fishing right now because of the ice coating and the salt water scene pretty much dwindled away a couple of weeks ago. So what's an angler to do….?

Keep in mind that some of the larger ponds such as Mashpee/Wakeby, Peters Pond in Sandwich and Lake Wequaquet are open for the moment so trout fishing is available with live shiners and jig/plastic baits the preferred offerings along with PowerBait and salmon eggs. Those places with moving water such as Scorton Creek in West Barnstable, Yarmouth's Bass River and the Coonamesset River in Falmouth provide access as do the tidal estuaries on the south side of the Cape. Casting small spinner rigs across the current and low-retrieving can be surprisingly productive if there are fish around.

For those still Jonesing for salt water action, the Cape Cod Canal is the place to try. The Canal is a fishy four-lane freeway during the season and although fish-traffic slows during the winter months, there's always something swimming around in there. A few years back I caught three decent sized Pollock out behind Joe's Fish Market in the Canal in mid-January by drifting sea-clam laden jigs shortly after the tide turned easterly. I've also had catches of mackerel, tautog, sea robins, a lobster and even one bluefish (I surmised that the blue had been hanging around in the warm water outflow at the Pilgrim nuke plant over in Plymouth and tried to make a run for it when the water got too chilly in Cape Cod Bay.) When you can go out there at the Canal the day after Christmas and catch a fish, then you can genuinely stake your claim to the status of a Real Cape Cod Angler or RCCA as we say in the trade.

I would definitely be remiss if I didn't say a few words about the New England Patriots' demolition of the Ravens in Baltimore last Sunday. It was awesome and if the Pats continue to play at that level we could be looking forward to a Super Bowl visit to New York City in February. Polish up the Lombardi Trophy, boys, the Pats are coming to town!

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