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Capt. Johnny Luchka

Capt. John operates Long Run Fishing Charters out of NY and NJ and has appeared on numerous TV shows and speaks at many boat and fishing shows

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June 26, 2015

Tuna and Forecasting Analyses

by Capt. John Luchka

Offshore and small boat Tuna trips usually don't come up in typical fishing conversations but in all honesty, it has gained in popularity over the past 5-10 years. Being an avid inshore fisherman I have been bitten by the lure of catching Bluefin, Mahi, Yellowfin and other pelagics on center consoles up to 32 feet. I have seen boats in the 22 foot range up to 50 miles off the NJ coast engaging in a hot Tuna bite with a 6 rod spread.Picking and choosing your days offshore take into account numerous things from making sure you have all the appropriate safety gear, a float plan, fresh and frozen bait, the right tackle, and getting the best weather conditions to assure you have safe travel to and from your adventure.
Time and fuel costs are always important considerations when fishing. I personally rely on ROFFS™ reports as it will show you where the fish are located before you leave the dock by sending you the most comprehensive oceanographic analysis for fishing available that day. You will travel to the concentrations of fish faster and because you will reduce your search time, you will be saving fuel and money. You will catch more fish per gallon of fuel when you break it down. This is accomplished by ROFFS™ expert fisheries oceanographers who evaluate the oceanographic conditions using their knowledge and experience on fish migration, feeding behavior, and catchability (availability and vulnerability). The analyses are genuine science-based decision making tools that show you where your best chances occur for catching fish.
I can tell you first hand when using this service and of course there are many others on the market, you will along with your electronics be more confident with your plan, where you lay out your spread, or jig for example vs. wandering the vast ocean hoping for a bite.

If you are new to this please take the time to research the many forecasting services as they will provide you with a myriad of things like;(This is from
An integrated analysis (map & text) of approximately 20 different factors, performed by professional fisheries oceanographers. they provide expertise in fisheries biology, physical oceanography, satellite image analysis, and climatology.
An easy to read graphic composed of a detailed nautical chart with enhanced bottom topography, pinpointing specific locations (GPS or LORAN coordinates) where the greatest chances for catching fish occur. They have customized maps with the important bathymetric features (canyons, hills, ledges, holes, ammo dumps, reefs, sea mounts, and wrecks) highlighted.
A full page written explanation (fishing oceanographic analysis) that provides both an interpretation and summary of the current and predicted conditions for forming concentrations of fish. Understanding water motion is critical for forecasting fish catchability (availability and vulnerability).
Several updates per day, including reliable catch reports. You receive the latest possible fishing forecasting analysis that meets your schedule. Available in color via email or on the internet or black & white via fax. Verbal updates are free in the morning (10:30A.M. – 12:00P.M. EST) while you are offshore.
The most accurate and reliable scientific data from real-time, high resolution infrared and visible (SST, Ocean Color/Chlorophyll, RGB) satellite imagery, ocean monitoring stations, fishing and research vessels, radar, altimetry, and reconnaissance airplanes
Now head out and put some Tuna on the table!

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