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Capt. Johnny Luchka

Capt. John operates Long Run Fishing Charters out of NY and NJ and has appeared on numerous TV shows and speaks at many boat and fishing shows

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March 25, 2014

Marine Film - Scratch Repair

by Capt. Johnny Luchka

While visiting many of the NY and NJ Boat Shows in search of new products, I came across Marine Film from Interlux. This is an instant scratch repair for Gelcoat and Paint. I know in certain situations when a snag treble hook pulls loose from a bunker that it comes flying back at Mach 3 speed and the next thing you know you have an annoying scratch in your gelcoat and worse yet, the gelcoat could be a color! Now what to do besides moan and grown?!

Marine Film is coated with high quality paint and it covers minor scratches with an ultra-thin adhesive film, instantly covering unsightly scratches in gelcoat and paint above the waterline.
It is easy to apply as Bob Donat from Interlux explained and it is offered in the twelve most popular gelcoat and Interlux topside paint colors. It's cost effective, kind to the environment and it provides strong season long adhesion while being removable when the boat is next hauled where it can be permanently repaired.

Visit the website to see the most frequently asked questions and answers about this awesome product!

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