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December 14, 2012 Giveaway from Vibrations Tackle!

by Stripers247 Staff

The patent pending Echotail from Vibrations Tackle is a hybrid vibrating blade bait that combines the traditional blade bait with the ability to attach a wide variety of soft plastic tails on the market today. This offers almost endless possibilities of style, color and scent combinations to suit your fishing needs. Multiple towing holes allow the bait to be extremely versatile whether you're jigging, casting or trolling. The Echotail is manufactured in multiple sizes as well. Here are some pictures:

The Echotail can be rigged with many soft plastic options already available on the market. Options to experiment with include grub tails, slug style, paddle tails, reaper tails, twin tails and many more.

Another option is a water soluble or scented soft bait or cut bait. Gulp, Uncle Josh Meat, and Pork Rinds are examples. Adding a scented bait makes the Echotail makes it so you are attracting several senses of the fish. Hearing through sound virbration, feeling through lateral line, taste, and smell.

Click here to find out how to win the Echotail in the size and color of your choice fron and Vibrations Tackle!

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