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John Skinner

John Skinner is the author of Fishing the Bucktail and A Season on the Edge. He’s the creator of the fishing log software FishersLog. He’s a consistent producer of trophy striped bass and holds the current New York State false albacore record.

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February 17, 2014

Winter 1977

by John Skinner

I'm going to be optimistic and think that I've shoveled snow for the last time this winter. As I'm writing this we're expecting a light snowfall tomorrow (Tuesday), but beyond that it looks like we're finally in for a thaw. Between the cold, snow, and wind, this last month and a half has been brutal. It still doesn't compare to the worst winter of my lifetime - 1977. That was a year in which Great South Bay clammers drove their trucks onto the bay and clammed through holes in the ice that they cut with chainsaws. It's also the only winter that I've ever seen Long Island Sound appear to be frozen all of the way across. The above picture of the Sound was shot from the top of the bluff in Miller Place that winter. The picture below was of my 10-year-old brother standing on a giant pile of ice near the Mattituck Inlet jetty. The ice mountain formed from the pressure of the ice being pushed against the rocks by the tide. The ice just kept buckling skyward. It was hard to imagine it would ever all melt. That's kind of how I feel now about the pile of snow at the end of my driveway. Hang in there. This can't last much longer.

February 13, 2014

Freeport Show this Weekend

by John Skinner

I'll be giving a fluke fishing seminar noon Saturday at the New York Sportfishing Federation Show in Freeport. I'll also share a booth with John Paduano of Premium Bucktails. For those of you who have read Fishing the Bucktail, these are the very high-quality jigs mentioned in Chapter 2. John will be giving a seminar later that day. This show is always a good one, and I think most of us have had just about enough snow and could use a few hours dedicated to fishing. See you there. The show runs Friday-Sunday. You can get more info at
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