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Captain Pat

Popular Connecticut boat captain, outdoor writer and striper fishing enthusiast, Captain Pat is well known for his innovative light tackle trolling techniques. He is the creator and owner of T-Man Custom Tackle, LLC.

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August 16, 2013

Fun w/KIDS!!

by Captain Pat

Each summer I look forward to having some kids on board for a fishing trip. As far as I'm concerned there's nothing more satisfying than seeing youngsters get into the sport of fishing. So anytime I have a chance to encourage them by putting them on a good bite, I'm happy to do it. On Thursday the 15th my buddy Chuck brought along his nephew and niece for a day of bottom fishing and striper hunting. We started the day with squid strips on spinner rigs and in short order put a bunch of scup in the boat. We segregated the scup as we caught them tossing a few 11 inchers into the live well with the idea that we would feed them to some stripers. Once the kids had their fill of bottom fishing, we took off to a nearby ledge in 50 feet of water and three-wayed the scup while drifting. It didn't take long before the scup started dancing and the bass made a meal of them. It was great fun watching Papa and both kids work the rod and reel battling some 20 pound class stripers to the rail. What an excellent morning with smiles all around. Honestly, I can't wait till my grandkids are old enough to join me on the boat. It feels good to know that even at my age there is still plenty left to look forward to.

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