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Captain Pat

Popular Connecticut boat captain, outdoor writer and striper fishing enthusiast, Captain Pat is well known for his innovative light tackle trolling techniques. He is the creator and owner of T-Man Custom Tackle, LLC.

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June 17, 2013

Father's Day

by Captain Pat

I managed to get half of the Renna boys together for a Father's Day fishing trip this weekend. I had planned in advance to make this fishing day a foray for mixed species. Our quarry was summer flounder and striped bass. We started our fluke drifts around Black Point in Niantic, Connecticut. The tides were sort of slow so we needed to bump the boat in and out of gear to reach the drift speed that let us connect with a fluke. A high lo pink teaser rig baited with fluke belly strips did the trick for several throwbacks and a couple keepers around 18 inches. Soon after we a call from a buddy who was drifting further to the west, so we decided to go join him for some passes there. On our first side-by-side drift, we nailed a nice 25 inch fluke that when about 6 1/2 pounds. Of course, that fish was greeted with heckles from the other boat about poaching his fish on his spot…

Once we reached the slack tide and our drifts died, it was time to break out the tube and worm for some trolling. 15 inch bubblegum tubes were deadly, and we banged plenty of striped bass on every pass, including some excellent doubles. None the stripers were huge, with the majority being between 32 and 38 inches but really full of fight. It was tons of fun on light tackle and great entertainment on a beautiful morning. With water temperatures just reaching 60° for the first time in our area none of the local bass spots have really set up on the summer patterns yet. But hopefully the warm weather this week will settle the bait in and we will start to consistently see some bigger fish along the Eastern Connecticut shoreline.

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