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Rich Troxler

Rich grew up in Milford, CT fishing the local ponds and LI Sound. At 17 he left home to pursue music, always with a fishing rod or two in tow. He now lives on Long Island, where he works in electronics and has a full service woodworking shop.

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March 24, 2014

Hello from Virginia,….

by richtrox

It's been a very busy winter for me this year, by my reckoning the busiest I can recall in quite a while. When I decided to handle my relocation by myself, I completely miscalculated the amount of work that was going to be involved. How I was able to get it done I'm not even sure, it was such a blur. And by all accounts it's been a pretty weird year weather-wise also, both here in Chesapeake and up on Long Island. It was 78 degrees a week ago and I have a fire going in the fireplace as I write this. Go figure.

So now that I'm all settled in, well mostly anyway, I'm getting back to the business of fishing. My move to Chesapeake (just south of Virginia Beach) means that I've left my familiar haunts of the last 30 or so years in the rear view mirror. Now the process of learning where, when, and how to fish in my new local waters, begins anew. So now I get to practice some of what I've preached for so long.

To that end, I have mentioned on the surf fishing board that I would attempt to document the process of exploring my new territory, and I mean to keep that promise as time and tide allow. I am currently working on a video of my first "spot" that being Lynnhaven Inlet and the surrounding area including Pleasure House Point. It'll give you a glimpse into what goes through my noggin when I look at new spots. I hope to have it completed in the next couple days, at which time I will post the youtube link on the surf fishing board.

I will also be making the purchase of a kayak, because soooo many of the areas around here are best accessed by boat. While the parking situation, or lack of in this case, is not nearly as bad down here as it is on Long Island, it can still be a problem in some spots. But in most all of those cases, there are marinas and launch points for kayaks and boats, so a short paddle puts you right into the thick of it.

I've always enjoyed the exploration aspect of fishing, almost more than the actual catching of fish, so for me this is going to be a lot of fun.

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