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Jerry Vovcsko

First dunked a worm in Otsego Lake (upstate NY) some 68 years ago and began pursuing striped bass in Cape Cod waters 40 years ago. Pretty soon I should be able to get it right...maybe.

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September 06, 2013

Watch Out For Bullwinkle

by Jerry Vovcsko

September typically brings the first hint of fall our way, maple leaves show the first coloring of fall foliage and the oaks and birches won't be far behind. Cape Cod anglers feel a surge of excitement knowing that the legendary fall migration lurks just around the corner, an event some see as the time when striper fishing is at a pinnacle in Cape waters.

Things heat up in the world of sports as well with high school, college and pro football getting under way and baseball season winding down toward the staging of the annual World Series (with the Red Sox looking mighty impressive these days after those terrible Bobby Valentine days).

Bow hunters and black powder hunters gear up for their seasons to open next month and right now wildlife experts are warning Massachusetts drivers watch for moose activity in the roadways as September marks the start of the animals' breeding season. The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife says male moose will often chase female moose across roads because of their urge to reproduce.

The wildlife folks say the males get "tunnel vision" and become unaware of traffic while pursuing females...guess it's not a whole lot different among the human species as far as that goes. Anyhow, motorists should keep an eye out driving around, especially in the western part of the state, because at 500 to 1,000 pounds, with long legs and top-heavy bodies, moose collisions will likely produce plenty of business for the body specialists at Maaco.

Speaking of motorists, Yarmouthport police are investigating how it is that a Jeep ended up in Dennis Pond last week. The raised hatchback of the red 2008 Jeep Wrangler was spotted by an early morning hiker near an old boat ramp at the beach on Summer Street Yarmouth, police Sgt. Gerry Britt said. The Jeep was in about 10 feet of water and after police and fire officials determined nobody was inside, it was pulled from the pond and the investigation is underway to determine how the Jeep ended up in the water. I'm guessing that the answer to that question is going to involve drugs, alcohol or kids out joyriding before another school year gets under way.

Meanwhile, there's good fishing to be had right now in Cape waters and Cape Cod Bay is one of the more productive destinations. Just off the mouth of Scorton Creek thirty-seven and forty-two pound stripers were weighed in last week and a fair number of keepers came into anglers' boats around the mouth of Barnstable Harbor. The stretch of shore along Sandy Neck was also striper-active with a few good sized blues mixed in as well. Topwater plugs in the early morning hours made for exciting moments for anglers who showed up before dawn and were on site at first light.

The Cape Cod Canal features plenty of action at the east end with live eels the bait de jure for many locals including a couple of old timers who work their magic with rigged eel, an art that has virtually disappeared but continues to be lethal on stripers in the hands of one of these piscatorial wizards.

On the Nantucket Sound side the estuaries and harbors are chock-full of snapper blues and school bass with the occasional keeper mixed in and pods of three to five pound blues can be found cruising the Sound especially in the western end around Woods Hole and the Elizabeth Islands.

he eastern shore of the islands continues to hold striped bass with many in the twenty-four to twenty-eight inch size range. Bigger bass can be found further down around Quicks Hole and Cuttyhunk Island. Recently some good scores on bass up to thirty pounds have been made in the rocky waters around Nomans Island - keep in mind that live ordinance remains on that island from the old days of military practice bombing runs, so don't decide to beach the boat and take a little stroll around the island itself.

With so much happening in the salt water it's easy to forget that freshwater fishing in southeastern Massachusetts is always available. Here's Scott Russo, a young gent from East Bridgewater, with a nice three and a half pound bass taken from one of the local ponds on a worm. That style of fishing was great fun back when we were kids and it remains so to this day so every now and then it's worth getting out there and dunking bait in the sweet water just to keep our hand in.

The New England Patriots open their 2013/2014 Super Bowl quest this Sunday coming up and they promise to be an interesting team to watch as Bill Belichick has added a lot of youth and speed, something we haven't seen in the past. And the Red Sox took the opener of their four-game set against theYankees last night by squeezing out the tying run against the Yank's legendary closer Mariano Rivera and winning it in the tenth inning behind their own super-closer Koji Uehara. Life is good in New England sports these days and we've still got plenty of time before winter winds blow. Enjoy it.

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