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Capt. Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne is a charter captain and fishing addict. He holds the current IGFA weakfish 30# line-class record, & guided his two sons to IGFA records of their own. "Catching stripers for 40 years, I love releasing big fish to catch them another day!"

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March 28, 2012

Time to Give it a Shot

by Capt. Steve Byrne

I planned to wait until I had first-hand information to report, but there's enough confirmed action happening to justify an update. With some help from my friends, the boat went in the water Sunday and is now resting comfortably at the dock. I thought that I would be painting a house this weekend, but it turns out I will have to wait a few more days, so…. I think I'll go fishing.

This is the earliest start I've ever had for striped bass, and I'd typically expect schoolies to be on the end of the line at this time of year. However, 2012 is anything BUT typical. Quality bass are being caught on Jersey party boats fishing in the ocean, and by surfcasters and boat guys fishing Raritan Bay.

My game plan is to net bunker and live line. Again, this is not normal for this time of year, but it's what I am going with. I'll give it a few hours and let you know how it works out.

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o4rudeboy wrote 8 years ago

good luck where are you launching from and def let us know how your first day out goes

Steve Byrne wrote 8 years ago

Thanks for the luck - I'm out of Great Kills. I'll definitely report back.

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