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  1. Welcome to the new sponsors forum
  2. 2012 Tarpon Season, now booking up for Islamorada, Florida Keys out of Bud n' Mary's!
  3. T-Man 2012 Seminar Schedule
  4. New Sponsor
  5. Montauk Fishing Gear , reels,lures,blanks,dehookers
  6. Free MTK Auto sticker and Hat
  7. The reels are out of the boxes!!!
  8. Openng day striped bass on the Laura Lee
  9. The reels are here and being delivered!!!
  10. Fishing Report May 18th
  11. Yellow Fin Tuna July 29th
  12. Pelagic Outfitters Is Now Open
  13. Pelagic Outfitters Grand Opening Sale
  14. OTI Jigs & Poppers as well as OTI Ocean-X-treme 7'6" Popping Rod Blow-Out Sale
  15. Pelagic Outfitters Holiday Gift Promotions
  16. Shimano Fishing Reel Sales Event @ Pelagic Outfitters
  17. OTI Jig & Popper Blow Out, New Hoilday Pricing!!
  18. Black Bart Holiday Special from Pelagic Outfitters
  19. SS Crimper & Rigging Kit from Pelagic Outfitters
  20. 400g & 450g OTI Jigs & OTI Poppers, Insane Pricing!!
  21. Four free tools that will help you find fish.
  22. Shimano TLD Super Sale!!
  23. Exciting Makaira Reel News-New Releases
  24. Your last chance to win a free fishing rod and reel
  25. Prototype testing in Dry Tortugas
  26. End of Year Display Reel Sale
  27. New to our website chains bars and lures !!!
  28. Fishermansoutfitters.com and Montauk Fishing Gear
  29. Fin-Nor & Pelagic Outfitters Group Buy
  30. Black Bart Lures & Rigging Special
  31. New Shimano Stella SWB Coming Soon, Accepting Orders Now
  32. Makaira Silver SEa's In Stock, Ready to Ship!!
  33. Minox BN 7x50 Digital Compass Binocular
  34. Open Discussion on Pelagic Outfitters Customer Service Policy
  35. Giving away pair of Costa sunglasses on Facebook!
  36. Pakula Tackle & Lure Super Sale
  37. Pakula Trolling Lure Opportunity gets Sweeter at Pelagic Outfitters
  38. Pakula Leader Glove Sale
  39. Tough conditions, great catch!
  40. 30 trout, limit of bull reds - Louisiana Fishing!
  41. Okuma Fishing Rod Sample Sale @ Pelagic Outfitters
  42. Winners Chosen in Pelagic Outfitters Drawing - Next Drawing at the End of August
  43. ICAST/Gone Fishing Sale
  44. Pelagic Outfitters Summer Report
  45. Pelagic Outfitters Anniversary Sale Add'l 25% of all Pakula!
  46. Pelagic Outfitters has just received, week of 8/12/13
  47. August Contest Winners Selected at Pelagic Outfitters
  48. Just recieved 9/2/13 at Pelagic Outfitters
  49. Pelagic Outfitters has just received 9/9/13
  50. Just received @ Pelagic Outfitters, week of 9/15
  51. Inventory Clearance Sale @ Pelagic Outfitters
  52. Pelagic Outfitters has just Received, Week of 9/30
  53. Hot Deals Coming Soon @ Pelagic Outfitters
  54. Pelagic Outfitters Has Just Received, Week of 10/14
  55. Deal of the Week @ Pelagic Outfitters 10/21/13
  56. Just Received 10/21/13
  57. Fluorocarbon Sale, Check out these prices!!
  58. Just Received, Week of 10/28
  59. Deal of the Week
  60. Just Received, Week of 11/11
  61. Deal of the Week 11/15
  62. Black Friday Specials @ Pelagic Outfitters
  63. Simrad is now a forum sponsor
  64. Deal of the Week 12/2
  65. Just Received, Week of 12/8
  66. Just Received, Week of 12/22
  67. Daiwa T1000 Electric Reel, Spooled $599.99
  68. Pelagic Outfitters has Received in the Week of 1/5/14
  69. Pelagic Outfitters has Just Received....Last Week of January
  70. Pelagic Outfitters Has Received....First Week of February
  71. Pelagic Outfitters Has Received....2nd half of February
  72. Pelagic Outfitters Has Received....2nd & 3rd Week of March
  73. Pelagic Outfitters March Give-Away Results
  74. Pelagic Outfitters Has Received....2nd Week of April
  75. Pelagic Outfitters Has Received....3rd Week of April
  76. Pelagic Outfitters Just received a shipment of SS Harpoon Darts - 4.5"
  77. Pelagic Outfitters Has Received....3rd Week of April
  78. 1st Week of May 2014 @ Pelagic Outfitters
  79. New Arrivals & Hot Deals @ Pelagic Outfitters
  80. Pelagic Outfitters $.01 Spectra Spooling Sale
  81. Latest Arrivals @ Pelagic Outfitters - Last Week of May
  82. Early Summer Arrivals at Pelagic Outfitters
  83. Pelagic Outfitters Has Received....September 2014
  84. Pelagic Outfitters Is Blowing Out All Pakula Inventory @ 50% Off
  85. Black Friday Sales Event @ Pelagic Outfitters, Save up to 60%
  86. AC Boat Show Seminars
  87. Long Run Fishing Charters - Seminars
  88. Pelagic Outfitters Annual Black Friday 5 Day Sales Event!!
  89. 12 Days of Christmas Sale @ Pelagic Outfitters
  90. On the Second Day of Christmas, Coffee Anyone??
  91. On the 3rd Day of Christmas, Shimano Flat Side Jig Pack!!
  92. On the 4th day of Christmas, FREE Spreader Bars!!
  93. On the 5th Day Of Christmas, Fin-Nor 2-For 1!!
  94. On the 6th Day of Christmas, 25% off Rugged Shark!!
  95. On the 7th Day of Christmas, Tuna Killers!!
  96. Flash Sale!! Sitewide Savings!!
  97. On the 8th Day of Christmas, Joe Shute Daisy Chains!
  98. Last Minute Deals @ Pelagic Outfitters
  99. Day After Christmas Sale, Save up to 80%
  100. Reel in the Savings with Pelagic Outfitters 2017 Sale
  101. 5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales Event!! Save up to 80%!!
  102. On the First Day Of Christmas, Loaded Knife Roll
  103. On the Second Day of Christmas, Pelagic Outfitters Jig Pack!!
  104. On the 3rd Day of Christmas, Aftco Belt/Harness Combos!!
  105. On the 4th day of Christmas, CD30 Diving Plug Packs!!
  106. On the 5th Day Of Christmas, 25% off Catch Tuna Apparel
  107. On the 6th Day of Christmas, Joe Shute Rigged 6 Packs!!
  108. On the 8th Day of Christmas, Purchase $75.00 in Apparel and get a FREE Catch Tuna T!
  109. On the 9th Day of Christmas OHO Gear Bags 80% off!!
  110. On the 12th Day of Christmas Hybrid & Board Shorts $9.99!!!
  111. HOOKEDUP20 Coupon Code Save 20%