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  1. Menhaden** News: "The Latest"
  3. Congress
  4. The Bush Twins
  6. N.J. Regs tighten on flounder, not stripers
  7. Jersey Coast Anglers Association Sportsman of the year
  8. ASMFC calls for more menhaden study
  10. Pa State Parks and Fishing Licenses on line
  11. EEZ Opening
  13. The Hudson and irritating politicians.
  14. Project Vote Smart
  15. 2003 Hudson River Spill American sugar guilty plea
  16. 2005 bluefish measures
  17. Plenty of holes in menhaden cap
  18. FISHERIES INTERVIEWERS: Part Time. Seasonal.
  19. UK report of the fishery
  20. american eel
  21. USDA has announced mandatory labeling of fish and shellfish
  22. bluefin tuna
  23. mackerel
  24. NOAA grant info
  25. puget sound
  26. ASMFC Releases Draft Amendment 1 for the Atlantic Croaker
  27. New Jersey Winter Flounder
  28. summer flounder/scup/sea bass
  29. North Pacific Council’s Non-Target Species Committee to Meet
  30. Groundfish STAR Panel to Meet; Sept 26-30 in Seattle, WA
  31. Pacific Council Pelagic Species Work Sessions; Oct 5-6 in La
  32. NJ weak fish proposal 'The cuts keep coming'
  33. North Carolina and The Weakfish
  34. National Endangered Species Bill Passes
  35. National Fishing and Hunting News
  36. News From ASMFC on Striped Bass Assessment
  37. ASMFC on Delawares Horseshoe crab and american eel
  38. Bill to reauthorize the Magnuson Stevenson Act
  39. Commercial Fishermen in New England are Special?
  40. Adrift full of fish
  41. NJ Clean Harbor Press release
  42. No herring for massholes?
  43. Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation Management Act reauth.
  44. Commercial Fishermen Form National Organization
  45. ASMFC News releases
  46. Is 4x4 absolutely required for driving on beach?
  47. new striped bass report
  48. ASFMC Winter Meeting Agenda
  49. Delaware Saltwater license public hearings
  50. Lawsuit filed against the ASMFC an NMFS by New York Boatmen
  51. North Carolina and MFC Politics
  52. Long Long Arm of the Law
  53. Warning: Limit meals of local flounder
  54. Striper permit???
  55. Feds Threaten Future of Striped Bass Fishery
  56. hogarth testifies/congress on reauth, of mag/stev. a
  57. Striped Bass Workshop
  58. New Engl. Council Magnuson-Stevens Cmtee to Meet; Jun 13-15
  59. bluefish quota's may get shortened for 2007
  60. Extension of Comment Period on Striped Bass
  61. NJ Marine Digest and readers survey
  62. Bill Destroys 25 Years of Ocean Protection in NY and NJ
  63. N.J. Senators filibuster an offshore drilling bill
  64. Mid-Atlantic Council and Committees; Aug 1-3 in Philadelphia
  65. Mag Stev. act amend. bill passed
  66. new york 2007 fluke catastrophy
  67. N.C. Assembly passes bill on fishery permits
  68. NOAA News Groundfish Bycatch in the Herring Fishery
  69. ASMFC News releases
  70. Offshore Waters to Remain Closed to Striped Bass
  71. NOAA Ruling on Atlantic Highly Migratory species
  72. Ocean fisheries collapsing, study says
  73. summer flounder meeting
  74. Congress Passes Landmark Fisheries Law
  75. While not endangered, American eels face numerous threats
  76. River Herring Adoption/ Restoration project
  77. The Delta stamp
  78. Marine Fishing License - a new TAX
  79. Maine Saltwater fishing license Link.
  80. Marine Fishing License Petition
  81. Find out where Harvey is!
  82. 1st trip out,Boston Light&Brewsters
  83. NY Beach access? I have a major problem (LONG!)
  84. NY Beach access? I have a major problem (LONG!)
  85. NJ Shore public access
  86. Massive Artificial Island For Lng Facility Planned
  87. ecosystem committee to meet in ma.
  88. ecosystem committee to meet in md
  89. Archives Wallop-Breaux Reauthorization
  90. Very Important
  91. This Is A Announcement
  92. President Bush Signs Executive Order to Protect Striped Bass and Red Drum Fish Populations
  93. dr william hogarth leaves NOAA
  94. Stop Insanity Island!!! - Exxon Mobil - LNG's & New Jersey & L.I.
  95. River Herring -- Stand Up And Be Heard Important
  96. ASMFC Stock Assesments - 2007
  97. teddy roosevelt conservation partnership
  98. NC Outer Banks Commercial season
  99. Public hearings set on proposed fisheries rules (2/18/2008)
  100. lunar eclipse
  101. law change on shad region 4
  102. ASMFC assessment - - striped bass stocks are healthy
  103. Va Beach Va Lynnhaven Boat Ramp in TROUBLE...
  104. Hatteras issues...
  105. Free boater/angler meeting with NYSDEC, USCG, Fast Ferry & NJ Marine Police
  106. weakfish and fry
  107. There's a push to ban fishing from jetties in NJ - get involved NOW
  108. Mercury declining in Hudson's fish
  109. NMFS Fishwatch - Atlantic Striped Bass
  110. "Dam Cam" to Capture Removal of New Hampshire’s Merrimack Village Dam
  111. SB 1806 passes first step !!
  112. Bill Ab1806 Loses 18-21
  113. Temporary suspention of shellfish harvesting from a portion of the Delaware Bay
  114. Public input sought on proposed fishing regulation changes
  115. bank fishing access on N.C. lakes/reservoirs
  116. A Plan for Long Island Night Access
  117. Follow up - Public Comment - Management Plan for American Shad and River Herring.
  118. 2008 Year of Young Shows Below Average Reproduction
  119. NYS Bill prohibiting the sale of angler-caught fish
  120. Recreational Angler Advocates / Access / Conservation / Management
  121. Find your Elected Official
  122. American Sportsfish Association/ Issues Information and Policy Watch
  123. A stretch of Passaic River NJ being dredged in'10
  124. Saltwater Recreational Fishermen Boon for Economy, Says NOAA
  125. Richard Roy Proposes Commerical Striper Bill
  126. RI Bill Intorduced for Licenisng
  127. Feds Award Maryland $10 Million for Ailing Blue Crab Industry
  129. Staten Island Voter Education Campaign - Focuses On Waterfront Issues
  130. Interesting Article
  131. Old Orchard Beach, Maine ordinances would prohibit fishing from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Memorial Day t
  132. N.Y. State 4 wheel out of state fee hike
  133. Delaware river - Regulators plan to halve the number of Shad anglers can keep
  134. LI commercial fishermen expect hard times to get harder
  135. Northeast - Quota Increase Proposed for the Spiny Dogfish Fishery
  136. National - Administrative Changes Proposed for Fishery Management Councils
  137. Federal Judge Denies Dismissal of New York Fishermen's Claims Against Regulators
  138. A tale of 2 towns: Brookhaven vs Riverhead
  139. California Striper Iradication Bill defeated at capital
  140. Gateway -The National Park service
  141. New York State Permits - Fees 2009
  142. Herring ON Decline - ASMFC threatens to Close all States by 2012
  143. Data Needed to Avert Closure of Snapper/Grouper Fishery‏
  144. California Water Package Bill Defeated
  145. Atlantic Striped Bass Stock Assessment Positive?
  146. 2009 Young Of Year Index
  147. Economic impact info
  148. Mass Striper Gamefish Bill ...
  149. Major EEZ Violations in VA and NC
  150. National Marine Fisheries Service gets new Chief
  151. Kickemuit threaten closure
  152. Rec Fisherman Read this please
  153. Rutgers submarine tracking sturgeon in the Delaware
  154. Fishermen Beware Firestorm
  155. NMFS Closes Spiny Dogfish Fishery
  156. Bluefin Tuna Breeding in Captivity
  157. Recreational Policy adviser Named!!!!
  158. List OF MPA'S Released
  159. NOAA stealing funds!
  160. ASMFC Commercial Harvest Increase Hearings
  161. NOAA Scientists Retract Statement on level of Cleanup in Gulf
  162. Fix Magnesson Now Petition
  163. Keep America Fishing
  164. Link between striped bass, weather suggests stormy times ahead for fish
  165. Commercial rockfishing ... media prepares for Friday
  166. Caught up in Catch Shares
  167. Annual Catch Limits: Unnecessary Limits and Limited Catch
  168. Its Still About RecreationIsnt It?
  169. CCA habitat program targets Texas mid-coast
  170. Amendment #548 passed the United States House of Representatives on a recorded vote of 259-159
  171. CCA calls on South Atlantic Council to manage for the future
  172. HELP: Plum Island MA fishing drive-on access about to go extinct
  173. CCA Testifies on Magnuson-Stevens Implementation Problems
  174. Implementation of the MSA hearing in progress ... watch it live - Important
  175. South Atlantic Committee takes catch shares off the table
  176. South Atlantic Council Votes Down Catch Shares
  177. Anglers Share Some Good News on Catch Shares
  178. Major changes in Californias striper fishing coming soon
  179. Rolling Out the Wrong Welcome Mat
  180. News From the ASMFC Meeting
  181. Menhaden Management Finally Begins
  182. CCA Texas announces new artificial reef off Port Mansfield
  183. Fishing guide now leading the way for Shenandoah River's restoration
  184. Dam breach reopens Kimages Creek to fish in James River
  185. Despite CCA opposition, advisory panel takes step toward catch shares
  186. Economics make the case for North Carolina gamefish bill
  187. Carburated 2 strokes off of Lake Mead and Mohave by 2013
  188. It?s OK to Throw Bad Ideas Away
  189. Improved Science Is Better Than No Science
  190. Distortions muddying the water
  191. Is this a troubling assumption?
  192. ASMFC - Hearings on Atlantic Menhaden reduction
  193. CCA urges common sense remedies for black sea bass
  194. ASMFC Fall Meeting
  195. Makes Alot of Sense
  196. Striped bass are pawns in water games
  197. Scientists Surprise Fishermen with Talk of Cod Collapse
  198. Boom & Bust in Maine Fisheries
  199. NOAA Announces Northeast Fishing Action Plan
  200. Petition - Striped Bass Conservation
  201. Government Shutdown