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oxygen for striped bass


Oxygen. an element that all living creatures need to survive, including bass. Pay attention to oxygen in the water. By knowing water oxygen content in various areas, an angler will develop a better understanding why a bass acts the way it does under the many different conditions. When a bass has a limited supply of oxygen, it tends to get more disoriented and much slower or lethargic. The "key" in understanding the rules of oxygenic water is that the cooler the water, the more oxygen content and on the flip side, the warmer the water the less oxygen content. The more oxygen a bass can get usually during the warmer months the more active it will be. Usually during the summer when the water temperature hits the 80 degree mark or higher, the oxygen in the water will start to diminish.
How does this relate to bass fishing? Well, a bass will usually do one of two things in a condition such as this. A bass will drop down (usually towards the thermocline mark) to water that is cooler for a larger supply of oxygen, or a bass will usually head for vegetation areas because of the constant production of oxygen that aquatic plants naturally provide. This is mostly the case during late spring, summer, and early fall.
Here are some areas where ample supplies of oxygen can be found during these seasons:
1. Rivers: Because of the constant flowing of the water.
2. Creek mouths: Create a constant inflow of fresh water.
3. Deep water areas: Deeper, cooler water can have a better supply of oxygen
4. Vegetation areas: constant oxygen producing aquatic plants.
5. Areas of trees, stumps, and logs: The porous wood will hold oxygen
6. Power plants: Create a constant discharge of oxygenic water
7. Wind-blown banks: Create a constant oxygen source and there are many others.

Areas with the right temperatures and oxygen levels can present excellent angling opportunities.

Have a look at this brief research study by Alabama Department of conservation


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