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Oregon Stripers

Rockfish, striper, linesider.
More than 300 pages dedicated to your favorite fish, the striped bass

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Oregon striper reports

The striped Bass and hybrid striper are considered gamefish in Oregon and gamefish regulations apply. Regulations change so look at the most up to date regulations and bag limits.

South East Zone Hybrid Bass no limitations with 2 notable exceptions Ana and Thomson Valley reservoirs have special regulations. 1 hybrid bass per day 16" minimum

Columbia River Zone
2 striped bass at 30 inches per day 30 inch minimum
Columbia River Marine Zone is 2 striped bass at 30 inches. NorthWest - Southwest and Willamette Zones

2 per day 30" minimum for striped bass. In streams above tidewater artificial lures and flies only . No bait May 26 to August 31 .

Lakes open all year unless noted under special regulations. Check special regs for use of bait. Check for specific Zone regs. it is the anglers responsibility to know the current regulations.

Oregon State records
Striped Bass 68 Lbs. 1973 Umpqua River Beryl Bliss
Hybrid striper Justin Marks Lake Ana Reservoir 2002

Oregons angling resources

Marine Finfish Regulations

There are two River basins that that have significant populations of striped bass.  These are the lower Umpqua River/Smith River estuary and Coos Bay and associated rivers.  There are also good numbers of stripers inhabiting the Coquille River system,

Stripers have occasionally shown up in almost all of the Oregon coastal estuaries and also up into the Columbia, but there has been no evidence of successful spawning outside of the Umpqua/Smith and Coos systems.

Coos River

Bass/Warmwater Game Fish Open entire Year
Closed for Striped Bass April 1 thru June 3

There is a hatchery program in the Coos system to collect fish and replant fry run by ODFW

North Coast - Columbia River to Nestucca Bay

Central Coast - Cascade Head to Florence

South Coast - Winchester Bay to California Border

Striped bass are now found from northern Baja California Mexico to Barkley Sound in British Columbia.

In Southern Oregon, they are most commonly found not far from the Coos, Umpqua, Smith, and Suislaw Rivers.

If you are new to striped bass fishing have a look at rthe beginners clinic, You will find many ways to target striped bass. they behave the same way in oregon as they do in Arkansas or North Carolina,

In freshwater lakes Stripers like a fast retrieve along their sight path. However, when the stripers head off to deeper waters, drifting anchovies works exceptionally well.

Surf fishing on the oregon coast you will find that the same bait that you use to catch surf perch will catch stripers. Use candlefish, eels, clams, herring, anchovies, sardines, and surf perch.

An assortment of artificial lures will draw strikes at certain times and under certain conditions.

Since these fish migrate rapidly, anglers have to follow the fish along their migration route along the coast. The best ocean locations are usually in an outgoing rip current that has feeding surf perch.

In Oregon, the south side of the south jetties built along the Coos, Umpqua, and Suislaw River outflows are very dependable striper ocean migration.

Locally, the sandy beaches next to the rocks of both Lone Ranch and Whaleshead beaches offer favorable ocean conditions for schooling stripers. The most dependable striped bass angling location near your area is around Winchester Bay on the Umpqua river.

The Oregon Department of Fish and wildlife only has one hybrid (striped bass x white bass cross) stocking program.  That program is at Ana Reservoir in central Oregon (north of Lakeview).  Previously there was a hybrid program in the Tenmile Lake system, but was discontinued due to straying issues and salmonid predation concerns by the public.
(thay are now stocked in Thomson reservoir as well)

One other bit of information on stripers in Oregon.  The striper population here began with only a few individuals.  There is evidence of significant inbreeding problems within the local population as expressed in a high number of hermaphrodites (both sexes in the same fish) in the population.

Fishing and crabbing on route 101

Lingcod, Snapper, Sea Bass, Flounder , Sole, Surf Perch, Striped and/or Hybrid Bass Waters are open all year, 24 hours per day except as noted in Special Regulations.

Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Opens in PDF

More Info coming very soon

I would like to aknowledge Eric Schindler of the
Oregon Department of fish and Wildlife for his assistance


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