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Fishing from the beach is known as surf fishing. Fishing from the surf refers to not only areas of pounding surf but also locations where the surf doesn't roar in , with basically the same accepted equipment set ups for any number of inshore species, at all times of the day and night.





Some anglers prefer the surf, not just those fishermen without boats. It may be preferred by those who simply like the sights, sounds, challenges, and camaraderie. And surf fishing has been an angling mode since before there were boats with motors. New rods, reels, and lines have made casting easier and 4 x 4 s have made it possible to access remote beach areas. Federal land is now accessible along our coast lines for recreational fisherman.

Surf fishing fortunes took a nosedive in the late 1980s as striped bass, weakfish, bluefish, and red drum populations suffered because of commercial overfishing, poor reproductive rates, and a myriad of environmental problems. Moratoriums by congress on striped bass have helped restock the Atlantic fisheries. Cleaner water from coastal states using sewage treatment facilities have had an immense contribution to the fish resurgence and continue to generated a lot of surf fishing activity.

And although specialized attention is devoted to some species, especially when fishing with lures, a majority of the effort is directed at catching anything that is available.

Certainly the tackle and the techniques that are devoted to surf fishing for particular species vary according to the habits of the fish as well as the conditions, but certain similarities are evident no matter where you plan to fish.

Surf fishing pits angler against fish in a place where almost everything favors the fish. It is an act that requires total confidence in the ability to pick the exact spot along thousands of miles of coastline where a fish will find the angler's single offering. Presenting bait properly is the key to catching a fish but you also need some basic understanding of the fish your after, its behavior and its habitat as well as what it likes to feed on in different conditions. You will find all the information you need on these pages to prepare you and increase your chances of catching your quarry from the surf. It is an exhilarating experience to be out in the surf with a huge striped bass on the end of your line.



The surf and its fish


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