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Indiana Striped Bass and Hybrid striper Fishing

Rockfish, striper, linesider.
More than 300 pages dedicated to your favorite fish, the striped bass

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Indiana DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife

Indiana state Record striped bass is 35.395 lb. Ohio River Tony Campisano 1993
Indianas state Hybrid record : David Coffman, Frankfort, Ind., caught the new record fish May 22 below Lake Freeman's Oakdale Dam. The white bass/striped bass hybrid, often called a wiper, weighed 22 pounds, and was 32 inches long. It beat the 19.5-pound record wiper caught below the same dam on April 30. Coffman's fish hit a Rapala crankbait cast in the early morning darkness and drawn across the Tippecanoe River below the Lake Freeman dam. See more in the forum

Lake Freeman 1,547 acres Located in Carrol and White Counties, Indiana. The current state record white bass and hybrid striped bass came from Freeman Lake. The hybrid record was broken twice in one week.

Indianapolis Indiana - Williams Dam
Built on the east fork of White River in Williams, Indiana in 1910.

Monroe Reservoir - Hybrid Striped Bass ( Wipers), Catfish (Flathead, channel), Walleye, Bass

Brookville Reservoir - Striped Bass, Walleye, White Bass

Raccoon Reservoir (Cecil M. Harden) - Striped Bass, Catfish (Channel, Flathead), White Bass

A lot of the guys who troll use 1/2 oz-1oz bucktails tipped with 4'' grubs. The popular colors for the bucktails/grubs are usually any combination of white and chartreuse. They use these on umbrella rigs as well, which really catch some fish

Umbrella Rigs 101 for stripers and wipers
By Captain Mark 'Willie' Collins

All Willie all the time To book a trip with willie call 317-446 -1362

Inland Lake Fishing charters


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