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State of Georgia Striped bass and hybrid striped bass Fishing

Rockfish, striper, linesider.
More than 300 pages dedicated to your favorite fish, the striped bass

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Alabama Georgia and florida message board and reports.
South carolina reports

Georgia fishing Regulations

Georgia Striped Bass record
63 lbs.
Kelly A. Ward
Oconee River
May 30, 1967

Georgia State Hybrid Striped bass Record.
25 lbs. 8 oz.
David C. Hobby
Lake Chatuge
May 1, 1995 

U.S. Army Corps information on major Southern Lakes systems

Georgia Reservoir Fishing Information

Andrews - Bartlett’s Ferry - Blackshear - Black Shoals
Blue Ridge - Burton - Carters - Chatuge - Chehaw Clarks Hill
Goat Rock - Hartwell - High Falls - Jackson - Juliette - Lanier
Nottely - Oconee - Oliver - Rabun - Richard B. Russell - Seminole
Sinclair - Tobesofkee - Tugalo - Varner - Walter F. George
Weiss - West Point

The reservoirs on the upper Savannah River

These lakes hold some of the biggest land-locked stripers in the Southeast, many of which, with their ability to but tackle to shreds, are never even seen by anglers fighting them. The feed on blueback herring. The lakes are clear and very deep.

Stocked Agressively by the Georgia DNR

Lakes Hartwell, Richard B. Russell and Clarks Hill run along the extreme northeastern edge of the state and are shared with South Carolina as the waters flow north and south.

This 56,000-acre lake is the home of the S.C. state-record 59-pound, 8-ounces. It closely rivals Lake Lanier as the best striped bass fishery in the state. Hartwell is a large, deep body of water, having a well-defined river channel and lots of long clay points holding an abundance of cover, including standing timber, shallow grass beds and rock-lined shores. Additionally, a fact that is of utmost importance to producing striper, the lake has a very well defined thermocline, allowing the fish to access oxygenated water year-round.

This 26,500 acres lake is half the size of Hartwell but just as good for striper fishing. It receives many stripers that escape from Hartwells dam. Alfred Mauldin, senior fisheries biologist for the Georgia WRD says "it has excellent water quality and a distinct thermocline makes it a first rate striper fishery."

Northeast Georgia's Clarks Hill Lake

At 71,535 acres, it is the largest lake in the state and one has been stocked for 30 years.


(ACF) River System

Chattachoochee River Lake

LAKE EUFALA Walter F. George
Located near Fort Gaines, Georgia

Water Area (acres) 45,181
Land Area (acres) 49,325
Length of Shoreline (miles) 640

Alabama and Georgia have a reciprocal agreement concerning fishing licenses, with each state accepting the use of a current license from either state on the Walter F. George Lake. Anglers should be aware, however, that the two states differ in daily limits and size restrictions for some species.

Mailing Address
Rt. 1, Box 176, Ft. Gaines, GA  39851

Angler's are advised to get the current generation schedule
by calling    1-866-772-9542

Angler's are also cautioned about discharges from the dams, are to be aware of  buoy lines below the dams and locks.   Daily fluctuations range from a maximum of about 16 feet below Walter F. George Dam and up to eight feet below the Andrews Dam.

For other information, contact the
Operations Manager's Office and Visitor Center by calling 229-768-2516.

West Point Lake

West Point Lake extends 35 miles along the Chattahoochee River on the Alabama-Georgia state line. The lake's 500 miles of shoreline provides excellent opportunities for fishing, camping, boating and other recreational activities. Located along the Chattahoochee River outside of LaGrange, this lake produces good catches of hybrids every summer along the humps, roadbeds and points.

Lake Seminole

Lake Seminole borders both Georgia and Florida and has 37,500 acres of water and over 18,000 acres of surrounding land. Extending up the Chattahoochee River 30 miles and up the Flint River 35 miles, Lake Seminole has 376 miles of shoreline.

Lake Sidney Lanier

Forsyth Gwinnett, GA
The temperate bass family includes four species in North America, 3 that are native to Georgia and two are found in Lake Lanier. Due to the dam the striped bass has become landlocked and are thriving in Lake Lanier.
Buford Dam constructed fifty years ago. Lake intended for water conservation. Atlanta is growing out to lake. Now becoming recreational. Good fishing for bass, stripers and crappies. Hard to find because of lack of cover. Lake bed was clear cut to 20ft. Thousands of docks provide shelter for fish. Shoreline is jagged. Many points. The U.S. Army corps of engineers offer downloadable lake navigation and fish attracter maps and several campground maps.

Lanier anglers can expect another excellent year for striped bass.  Even though stripers were exposed to poor oxygen conditions last summer,  most recovered and are in great shape. The abundant supply of blueback herring, a preferred summer forage species by stripers, plays a key role in maintaining a healthy population in Lanier.  Stripers produced from successful stockings during 1998-2000 will range between 10-15 lb. this year and are expected to be a major contributor to the Lanier fishery.  Numbers of trophy (20-30 lb.) stripers also are increasing. Both winter (November-March) and summer (July-August) months offer excellent striper fishing. Live bait (herring, shiners, bluegill and shad), super flukes and trolled bucktail jigs will produce the best results.  Anglers may notice an abundance of young (12-inch) stripers due to a highly successful stocking in 2003.  These fish should grow and benefit the fishery in the years to come.

Lake Allatoona

Known mostly as a great lake for hybrid or striped bass, "The Dead Sea” is a moniker given to Lake Allatoona by those who have failed to solve the mystery of catching large mouth bass in this 11,860-acre, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers impoundment on the Etowah River, which is located just north of Atlanta on Interstate 75. , Lake Allatoona also can be a fabulous fishin' hole for bass. No doubt, it always presents a challenge to any fisherman, but with the proper equipment and knowledge, this tough old lake can be conquered. Capt Duncun for sure has solved it. He says "Its anything but the dead Sea".
Lake allatoona Striper guide service
Capt. Duncan

Buford Dam
Flowery Branch, Ga

Barletts Ferry (stocked by DNR)

Apalochia River system (stocked by DNR) recovery bigger

These Georgia lakes have been stocked by the DNR with both striped bass and hybrids. The apolochia river system has fish upwards of 25 pounds. In a few years these stocked fish will be even bigger. Please use circle hooks and practice correct catch and release techniques. On some of the larger lakes you can troll more than drift or live bait fish. When slowly trolling use bucktails and umbrella rigs. See trolling

 Great Lakes of Georgia


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