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Fishing Knots and knot tying instruction

A knot is nothing more than a series of wraps and loops in a line that results in a strong connection when tightened. These directions refer to the end of the line, which goes to the hook or lure, as the "tag end" and the long end of the line, which goes to the reel, as the "standing line."

Animated Knots by Grog

Albright Knot
This knot is used to join two lines of different thicknesses.
Arbor Knot
Blood Knot
Dropper Loop
Improved Clinch
Nail Knot
Palomar Knot - An all purpose hook to line knot. Very quick to tie. Uni Knot - This versatile knot can be used for connecting hooks, swivels, rings and lures.
Perfection Loop
Rapala Loop
Hook Snell - Quick and simple method of attaching line to a hook with an up or down turned eye.

Blood Knot

Surgeon's Join
Surgeon's Loop
Trilene Knot
Uni Knot

The Grinner Knot - This is a multi purpose knot that is more securely clinched than it's relative blood knot. It's use is attaching swivels, lures, and hooks to the main line. I use it to tie snelled hooks to a swivel.
Assist its formation by pulling down to the base.

Shockleader. knot to use when joining large diameter line to a thin diameter line. The albright knot is also another way to tie on a shock leader. (My preference)Turle Knot - A snare knot that is used to tie a hook to a light leader.Albright Knot - This knot is used to join two lines of different thicknesses. Blood Knot - This is a high strength knot to join two similar thicknesses of line.

Surgeons Knot

Wind on Wire Leader - A fairly simple join which enables reasonably long plastic coated wire traces to be wound up through the rod guides. Can be used for casting lures.

Animated Knots by Grog
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