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Last Minute Bass Tactics
by J.R. Warnet

Striped bass are the most precious recreational fish species that inhabit the Eastern Coast. Its shear power, fishablilty and grace make it the most prized possession to catch. Anglers value the striper so much because they know what a true resource it is and spend most of the fall season in search of stripers.

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Montauk fishing-The endMontauk - The End
by “Mako Mike” Plaia

No matter where you live in the northeast, no matter how good the fishing is in your backyard, sooner or later you’re going to get the urge to visit Montauk

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Surf Fishing Tactics - Stony Brook Harbor
by Kenny Legge

Long Island North Shore beaches, who could ask for a more tranquil and pristine fishing environment for our local angling community. Many doubt that the really big bass will ever be caught on the North Shore as opposed to the South Shore beaches. There is some merit to the bigger fish migration path along our great barrier island beaches, but the big fish are to the north as well
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Success with Stripers - Reading All the Signs
by Richard DeMarte

Planning ahead, but also using all your resources and being flexible, is what makes the search for stripers so much fun. Read Full Article


Web-Assisted Weather And Marine Condition Assessment
by John Skinner

From the instant I slammed the “Off” button on my alarm clock, I listened for the sound of the maple tree’s branch rubbing the rain gutter outside my bedroom. Ignoring my wife’s numerous requests, I'd left the branch in place because it made just enough noise to let me know when the wind was blowing with significant force from the northeast. At this wee hour of the morning in mid-October, all was quiet.
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Striper Livelining
by Captain Steve Byrne

When it comes to working our local waters for striped bass, one of the most exciting methods of enticing big fish is by using live bunker for bait

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by Tony Salerno
It was definitely one of those nights when you could really enjoy the comforts of home. The type of evening where the whisper of a raw and chilly easterly was slapping rain on the window sill and the gust reminded me that those drafty windows needed replacing.
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sedge islandsFishing on the Sedge (Islands) (08/14/2007)
by Sean MacNeal

Before we get rolling, let's make one thing flats-water clear: wading the shallows of New Jersey is not a guaranteed fishery. This is covering a lot of water, straining your eyes, watching for ripples and, most importantly, paying exceptionally close attention to the task at hand. This is earning what you catch and, truthfully, sometimes it doesn't get any better than that.

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by Richard DeMarte

My excitement built by the minute during the three hour drive from my home to Montauk, NY to meet the most famous shark angler in the world, Frank Mundus.

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Fishing EelsArtificial Eels; The Real Deal
by Jerry Vovcsko

Don't get me wrong: I'm delighted with the advances in rubber eel technology. But even though we had less variety in the old days, we did develop a few consistently rewarding methods, and judging by the results so far this season, the old ways still deliver.
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key west fishingKey West - Fishing Like a Yankee (10/29/2007)
by Rob Pavlick

For several years now, members have been booking a member/guest charter with Yankee Captains Offshore Fishing, sailing out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Those trips have been overnight to Cashes Ledge with monster cod being the primary catch.

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Captains licenseThe Benefits Of Getting Your Captain’s License (12/18/2007)
by John Luchka

How many times have you simply boarded your boat, loaded up your cooler with drinks, and sandwiches, and prepared your bait for the day? You have probably done it hundreds of times right?

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Saltwater Aquariums

Saltwater Aquarium (Part 2)
by Chris Grech

Learn how easy it is to set up your own saltwater aquarium!

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Lies beneathWhat Lies Beneath
by John Skinner

As anglers, many of us spend a lot of time trying to visualize what lies beneath the often featureless surface of the waters we fish.

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Provincetown SurfcastingProvincetown Surfcasting
by Michael Wright

Few places hold as prominent a position in surfcasting lore as Cape Cod.

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Micro wrecksMicro-Wrecks
by Victor Bonato

A microhabitat is a very small area in which an organism such as a plant, animal, or fish can live.
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Family fishingFishing with the Family
by Mike Kochen

In this day and age of instant communications and information overload, “quality time” with the wife and kids seems harder and harder to come by.


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