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Delaware River Striped Bass Fishing

Rockfish, striper, linesider.
More than 300 pages dedicated to your favorite fish, the striped bass

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delaware river near reigersville bridge

Delaware River striper record
Weather for the Upper Delaware
Weather for the Lower Delaware

To date, New York , Delaware , New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have attempted to maintain consistent regulations for Delaware River stripers.

New York State Regs
New Jersey State Regs
Pennsylvanias State Regs

Water Temperatures Delaware River

At Trenton
Reedy Island Jetty De

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A license is needed to fish the shores of each state, and the portions where the river lies between them is reciprical to anglers of nearby states. Check the current regs before you fish. The Delaware river starts it journey in the town of Hancock N.Y and ends in Delaware bay south of Trenton New Jersey and Philadelphia Pennsylvania.








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STRIPED BASS HYBRID STRIPED BASS From Pennsylvania line upstream to Trenton Falls: March 1 until March 31, and June 1 until December 31 From Trenton Falls upstream: open year-round  

28 inches or greater


28 inches








Most striped bass are caught in tidal parts of the river but recent reports as of last September have them as far north as Calicoon New York. Here the Delaware river is a stones throw across to pennsylvania. The last few years more and more bigger bass have been taken from the delaware and the trout fishermen have been getting spooked by this massive predator taking their trout as they reel in. If you want to try live lining a bait fish to catch Delaware stripers make sure you have at least 15 lb test and at least a 4/0 hook if you dont want it straitened out. They generally coincide with the american shad runs as shad is a primary food source for them. Although they will eat almost anything when feeding especially the rivers 5 to 7 inch eels. There now is an indigenous population of Striped Bass that spawn and stay year round. Striped bass spawn when the water temperature is around 60°. (Spawning season is April 1st to May 31st of each calender year and it is unlawful to fish for striped bass in the Delaware during this time.)

Results of 2004 Pennsylvania spawning study

The primary spawning area for Delaware River striped bass is the highly industrialized stretch between Wilmington De and Marcus Hook Pa. This stock of fish is different than those of the Chesapeake, they seem to have less stress on them and are more resistant to disease. (see news). The majority of spawned adults will remain in the lower tidal portions but as the fishery has increased and the bigger guys get bigger they have been surging upriver in large schools. Stripers can be found in good numbers south of the Delaware Water Gap all the way to Trenton. There are large numbers of bass from Easton Pennsylvania on down to Trenton. Stripers are aggressive and known for their tackle busting ability so if your new to the sport of striped Bass fishing take a look at the techniques and tips in the beginners and stategies sections of this site.

Tip. There are many feeder creeks along a 50 mile stretch from Stroudsberg to trenton. These creeks are stocked with trout. try fishing the mouths of these creeks when there is little activity on the water.

Happy fishing.

Note: The Commodore Barry Bridge is the freshwater License line on the New Jersey side. In Pennsylvania you need a freshwater license for the entire river .

Upper Black Eddy Pennsylvania
Below the Black Eddy Bridge

Kingwood New Jersey
Route 29 South of Frenchtown

Tinicum Park Pennsylvania
Off Route 32 South of Uhlersville Bridge

Bulls Island New Jersey
Off of Route 29.
3 Miles North Of Stockton New Jersey

Lambertville New Jersey
Off of Route 29 South of New Hope Pennsylvania Bridge

Yardley Pennsylvania
Off of Route 32 half mile south of I - 95 Bridge

All New Jersey Boat access sites and parking fees
Facility location telephone #s. In PDF format Starts Adjacent to Milford Pennsylvania and ends at Mad Horse Creek in Cumberland N.J.


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