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Striped Bass Information for fishing Babylon Long Island New York


Town of Babylon 4WD Fishing Permit
Town of Babylon residents:
Valid: Sore Thumb - area #1, Overlook Beach - area #2, Cedar Beach - area # 3.

Available at Babylon Town Clerk Office  - (631) 957-3005

1. Fee $ 40.00 (year 2003)
2. Town of Babylon Driver's License
3. Town of Babylon registration for 4WD vehicle
4. Current tax or utility bill showing residency in the Town of Babylon
5. Passport size, color photo 2" x 2"

Nonresidents:   50 Permits to Members of LIBBA on sale from September 15,

distributed on a first come, first serve basis at a price of $100.00

NYS Driver's License, registration for 4WD vehicle,

proof of membership, passport size, color photo 2" x 2"

call: (631) 957-3005 


1. All vehicles must be equipped with fishing equipment (as specified on front of permit), a shovel, tow rope and/or tow chain at least 15' long, jack and. jack board, approved tires, spare tire and a device for reinflating tires, fishing pole and tackle, a fire extinguisher and sanitary facilities.

2. Follow designated access roads to the beach. Do not exceed 10 MPH at any time. Vehicles are permitted access to fishing areas only, vehicles not permitted elsewhere in off-road travel. Do not drive on dunes, wetlands, or beach grass.

3. Open fires, camping, tents, shelters, trailers, boats, inflatables, bathing, surfboards, jet-skis, SCUBA diving equipment, windsurf /sail equipment, alcoholic beverages and pets prohibited.

4. Pedestrians have the right-of-way; please be courteous to people walking on the beach.

5. This permit is valid for vehicles bearing license plate number as indicated and is nontransferable (to another person or vehicle).

There will be no replacements or refunds for lost or stolen permits. Duplicate permits will not be issued. This permit is issued on the condition that the permittee shall be responsible for any damage to park property or facilities which may result from the use thereof The said permittee assumes all risks and shall hold harmless die Town of Babylon Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs from suits or damages for injury, including death, a property damage arising out of activities undertaken pursuant w this permit. Violation of any condition of this permit or of any rule of the Town of Babylon Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs may result in the immediate revocation of this permit (NO REFUND) and possible issuance of a summons.


Shore Thumb is accessible by 4WD cars with NYS Beach Vehicle Permit or with Babylon Town 4WD Permit Permits valid from April 1 to December 31

Direction: Take Southern Parkway to exit 40 South - Robert Moses Causeway, after draw bridge take exit towards Jones Beach, turn around to Overlook Beach, past Overlook Beach and take next right.


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