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The albright knot and the modified albright Knot

Fishing Knots and knot tying instruction

The AlBright Knot

This knot is used to join two lines of different thicknesses. It is used to attach a heavier 'leader' (rather than a double) to a lighter main line.
It requires careful forming of the loops. I use it to tie on a shockleader.

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albright knot animated

1. Bend a loop in the tag end of the heavier monofilament and hold between thumb and forefinger of left hand. Insert the tag end of the lighter monofilament through loop from the top. Pull the standing part of the heavy mono and the standing part of the light monofilament line.

2. Slip tag end of lighter monofilament under your left thumb and pinch it tightly against the heavier strands of the loop. Wrap the first turn of the lighter monofilament over itself and continue wrapping toward the round end of the loop. Take at least 12 turns with the lighter monofilament around all three strands.

3. Insert tag end of the lighter monofilament through end of the loop from the bottom. It must enter and leave the loop on the same side.

4. With the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, slide the coils of the lighter monofilament toward the end of the loop, stopping 1/8" from end of loop. Using pliers, pull the tag end of the lighter mono tight to keep the coils from the slipping off the loop.

5. With your left hand still holding the heavier mono, pull on the standing part of the lighter mono. Pull the tag end of the lighter mono and the standing part a second time.

6. Trim the tag ends.


The modified albright also known as alberto's knot

This is what Alberto Knie (Crazy alberto) wrote about that knot
"Since the inception of the super lines (about 10 years ago)… there was no real mono to braid knots. And those common knots everyone recommended just didn’t cut it! Because we are in the high-tech age and introducing a new material to the equation (braid with special coatings / Fluorocarbon leaders / non stretch fibers), I actually tried many recommended knots (with frustrations) … so I came up with this knot for myself and I’ve been using ever since. I have a few friends (& some world record friends) who loves it and will not go back. In fact, it is being well received through out (from Mexico / Costa Rica / Florida and Canada) and I am glad everyone is enjoying it.

The key to my knot is simple… Make sure everything is "snug and tight". Once it is done correctly… You should not have any problems! Although I noticed that there are new lines coming out with added “slippery” coatings (to allow more distance) it may be a good idea to “dab” it with crazy glue. Personally, I tie straight without it… but if it adds confidence… do it."

Fishing Knots and knot tying instruction animated and technical information on knots and instructions

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