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Genes Beach Bar- Brigantine New Jersey
The Missing Striper World Record Mount

brigantine mount

World Record Striper Pictures

The story of the missing Mount

The mount that hung in a Brigantine Bar.

Als good friend Gene Tackish owned a bar in Brigantine New Jersey in 1982. Mr Tackish was an ex prize fighter and an avid bass fishermen. The place had great sandwiches, excellent chile and was the best place to get information on fish. It was a sports bar before its time. A place frequented by pro athletes like Tom Demsey, the famous kicker known for kicking a field goal 63 yards with a half of a right foot. Al said "you never knew who you would run into there. The place always had a fight or a game on. I used to go there for a beer and I was great friends with Genes mother and the rest of the family"."That mount that I allegedly sold for a bar tab was one of four made by Walter Hires for rebel lures". Walter was a N.J. state police officer who moonlighted as a taxidermist and whom Al personally picked for rebel lures. There were supposed to be two mounts made by Walter Hires that rebel lures would pay for. One was a full body mount that was in Corky Cambells bait shop in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The second, a left mount belonged to rebel lures, they had it for 20 years in their headquarters in Fort Smith Arkansas. It now resides in the IGFA hall of fame. Only myself and rebel lures owned the rights to the replica mold. If any more mounts were to be made, rebel lures and I were to split the proceeds to it". But there were unauthorized right mounts made by the taxidermist. One of which somehow made its way to the Brigantine mammal rescue center. "Cambell ended up with one too, a lime green mount that has a tongue in it, at least thats what I am told " Al said.
There was also one hanging in a commercial ship supply shop called 'The Gear Locker', located in New Bedford , Massachusetts on route 6 in Popes island. It no longer hangs there, because the previous owner took it with him when he sold the buisness.
His name is Ed Longo of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Al tells me that mount is a fiberglass replica made for and paid for by Mr. Longo who was his sea Captain, good friend and ship mate out of New Bedford.

"He was my scallop boat captain on the blue surf and the silver bay. I was wench operator and hole man for Captain Longo.
It was made by Walter Hires the state police officer and Capt longo bought it for his business. It is all legitimate. The others were originals and there was 3 replicas that I know of, so the three replicas are accounted for. Longo, Briganteen Mammal rescue center and the dark green one that corky Cambell supposedly has. Its supposed to be lime green, like an irish green intead of a silver one.

Confusing enough for ya?
Now the original skin mount ( a 4th mount) along with a full body mount resided in Corky Cambells bait shop ice box immediately following the catch. Corky alledged that it had gotten freezer burnt and tossed into a dumpster. Al didnt believe Corky Cambell and felt something was amiss because Mr Cambell insured it for $100,000. I will discuss Mr. Cambell at another date.
Anyway Al walked into Cambells and grabbed the remaining full body mount and took it from Cambells premises and gave it to Gene. "Gene was a good friend and a decent person. I would like you to have a replica". Albert took no money for it. "I was honored to have Gene as my friend, it had nothing to do with a bar tab or money." When Al was given the Key to the city of Brigantine he also put the key in there with the fish.

Brigantine beach patrol new jersey

"I used to bring Gene my catch sometimes and he or his mom would cook it at the bar. I had known Gene for years and he often helped me out when I was between jobs. We had a bond and a friendship and he would often bargain with me for a batch of fresh fish".
"Fishing off of the Brigantine jetty one morning I hooked a 20 pound Canadian Goose under the wing. I unhooked the bird and put it in the trunk of my 64 ford and drove it to Genes. I knew He would be open early and be working there with his mom. It was cold that morning and gene said "how about a hot cup of coffee Al?. What did you get last night"?
"I said a bruiser that is still alive in the trunk. When he opened the trunk the birds head popped out and scared the heck out of old Gene. I broke up laughing and Gene then hacked the birds head off right there with his butcher knife".
As Gene got older He suffered from Pugilistic Alzheimers and when Gene died his family told Al that they would protect his fish and it would stay in their family forever. The bar has since been sold but the Tachish family still has possesion of the mount.
"I was going to give that one to Cambell on a square deal but I gave it to Gene. I would rather have had it at Genes beach bar where all the fishermen go".

Al Mcreynolds in Gloucester Massachusetts

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