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U.S. State Hunting and Fishing Regulations

Striped Bass and Hybrid Fisheries

Striper Fishing Hot spots
Places to Fish -
Saltwater striped bass and Freshwater striped bass fishing locations and impoundments in the United states.
State impoundments for the Hybrid striped bass fishing- aka the wiper

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stripe bass fishing in the U.S.

Maptech Map server Find nautical, aeuronautical, topographical and Navy sattellite photo info. Zoom in on the Navy photos. You may be able to detect sandbars and troughs.

Where to catch stripers.

The striped bass might be the most misunderstood fish in the U.S. It likely is the most underutilized, too. The reasons are clear. Striped bass and hybrid striped bass don't occupy the same habitat as most other game species. As a result, most anglers haven't taken the time to learn to fish for these hard fighters, and they are pursued by a relatively small following of anglers.

In freshwater impoundments Stripers occupy the middle parts of lakes and feed on shad - especially the larger shad that are too large for other predators to feed on. These are fast-growing fish, so even small ones can weigh 3 to 4 pounds, and really big ones can top 50 pounds. The marine Striped Bass can grow to beter than 80 pounds.

You'll find on these pages techniques and tips on how to catch more and bigger fish.

Stripers, and striped bass hybrid

Helpful information from Take me on Boating, Water Bodies, Marinas, Piers, Campgrounds and more. Plug in the type of fish your after in the correct box.

Delaware River
Hudson river
Chesapeake Bay
Nova Scotia Canada

Striped Bass and Hybrid Fisheries  


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Alabama Stripers

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Alabama Coosa River Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Alabama River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Chattahoochee River

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Eufaula
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Guntersville Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lewis Smith Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lay Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Andrews
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Neely Henry Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Yates Reservoir
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Thurlow Reservoir
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Marion Lake Martin Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Tombigbee River

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Tennessee River

tiny-striper-nav-bullet West Point Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Wilson Lake


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Alaska Fishing




tiny-striper-nav-bullet Arizona-Stripers

Lake Havasu
Lake Meade


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Arkansas-Stripers

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Arkansas-River-Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Beaver Lake Arkansas Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Bull Shoals
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Degray Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Dumas Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Dardenelle Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Fort Smith Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Greers Ferry Lake Arkansas Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Greeson Arkansas
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Hamilton Arkansas Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Maumelle Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Millwood Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Norfolk Arkansas striped bass
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Ouchita Arkansas Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Pine Bluff Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Red River Texarkana
tiny-striper-nav-bullet White River



tiny-striper-nav-bullet California Striped Bass Fishing

tiny-striper-nav-bullet California Aqueduct
tiny-striper-nav-bullet San Joaquin river
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Antioch Pier
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Long Beach
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Colorado River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Palo Verdi Dam
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Havasu
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Sacramento River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Feather River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet American River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet San Fransico Bay
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Delta

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Canada Stripers




tiny-striper-nav-bullet Connecticut-Stripers

Connecticut River
Fishers Island
Long Island Sound

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Delaware-River-Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Delaware-State-Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Florida -Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Georgia Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Illinois Stripers and hybrid fishery


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Indiana Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Kansas Striper fishing


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Kentucky Striped Bass Fishing


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Louisiana Striper Fishing


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Maine Striper Fishing

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Maine Ellsworth To Calaise Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Maine Knok County Fishing
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Maine Hancock County Fishing
tiny-striper-nav-bullet South Berwick - Cape Elizabeth Fishing
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Waldo County Striper Fishing
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Maine York County Fishing access

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Maryland Stripers

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Chesapeake Bay Rockfish
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Potomac River Md. Striper Fishing

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Massachusetts Striped Bass Fishing


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Mississippi Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Missouri Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet New Hampshire Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet New Jersey Stripers

tiny-striper-nav-bullet N.J. Atlantic Highlands Fishing
tiny-striper-nav-bullet N.J. Cape-May-County Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet N.J. Monmouth County Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet N.J. Middlesex County Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet N.J. Ocean County Stripers



tiny-striper-nav-bullet New York Striped Bass Fishing

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Brooklyn Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Hudson River Striped Bass Fishing
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Hudson River Striper Fishing Map
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Long Island Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Montauk Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Moriches Bay Long Island
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Moriches Inlet Long Iisland
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Nassau County Long Island
tiny-striper-nav-bullet New York Harbor and Bight
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Queens New York Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Raritan Bay Striper Fishing
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Raritan Bay Striper Hot Spot Map
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Shinneckock Inlet Long Island
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Staten Island NY Striper fishing
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Suffolk County Long Island


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Nevada Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet North-Carolina-Rockfish

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Albemarle Sound
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Norman North Carolina
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Roanoke River Stripers

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Ohio Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Oklahoma Striper Fishing

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Oklahoma Fishing Marinas
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Texoma

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Oregon Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Pennsylvania Stripers

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Nockamixon
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Delaware-River-Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Beltsville Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Blue Marsh Lake
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Raystown Lake Pa. Stripers
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Raystown Lake Pennsylvania Map
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Wallenpaupack
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Wallenpaupack Striper map



tiny-striper-nav-bullet Rhode Island Striper Fishing

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Rhode Island Bristol County
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Rhode Island Kent County
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Rhode Island Newport County
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Rhode Island Providence County
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Rhode Island Washington County



tiny-striper-nav-bullet South Carolina Striped Bass

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Ace Basin
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Combahee River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Leowee
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Jocasee
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Edisto River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Ashapoo River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Santee River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Catawba River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Broad River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Savannah River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Russell
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Hartwell
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Marion
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Moultrie
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Saluda River
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Thurmond
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Wateree
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Wylie

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Tennessee Striped Bass


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Texas Striper Fishing

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Lake Texoma

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Virginia-Stripers / Rockfish

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Smith Mountain Lake Virginia
tiny-striper-nav-bullet Chicahominy-Reservoir Virginia

tiny-striper-nav-bullet Washington Stripers


tiny-striper-nav-bullet Washington D.C.


tiny-striper-nav-bullet West Virginia Hybrid Stripers

tiny-striper-nav-bullet R.D. Bailey Lake


Bass pro shops offers saltwater Direction charts for Maryland, Massachussetts, New York, North Carolina, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. They also have Striped bass fishing hot spot topographical maps for Texas, Florida, Alabama and Arkansas' Ouchita and Beaver Lakes. These map links can be found on their respective fishing pages.
All Stripers All The Time!!

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