Rappahannock River Striped Bass Fishing

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Rappahannock River Virginia Striper fishing




At the foothills of the Alleghenies it reaches across the land for 212 miles to end itself in the Chesapeake Bay

While the sturgeon no longer swims the waters (the last one was caught back in 1958). The white and hickory shad population continues to lessen though the herring remain relatively strong.
One tradition that historically links the lower Rappahannock River to the people of Fredericksburg is the herring and shad run.

Floating and Angling

The river first becomes canoeable at Rt. 647 near Cresthill Virginia. The stretch from Cresthill to Remington while rich in scenery is not of much interest to the angler. From Remington on downstream to the I-95 Bridge the river offers some top-notch smallmouth fishing. The river is blocked by a dam just east of the I-95 Bridge. From the dam to the Fredricksburg city park, about 1.5 miles, is a series of Class II and Class III rapids as the river drops through the last of its fallsline. At the end of the rapids right at the U.S. Rout 1 bridge is the start of tidal water. It is at this point that the river becomes suitable for powerboats.

The tidal section of the Rappahannock is a virtual aquarium. Striper, largemouth bass, crappie, flathead catfish, is some of the sport fish to be had all year around. Several anadromous species make spring spawn runs, such as yellow and white perch, croakers, stripers or rockfish, herring and shad.

The tidal section is fed by a number of streams, many of which are navigable by boat and simply enhance angling opportunities.

These feeder creeks and streams are important areas to fish for stripers as is the case with all river systems. Moving clear water usaually supplies plenty of fresh prey for the striper and the striped bass will hang around the mouths of these creeks and streams to ambush prey.


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