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Oklahoma Striped Bass Fishing

Oklahoma striper and hybrid striper Fishing reports

Oklahoma Hybrid Stripers Birch, Canton, Carl Blackwell, Ellsworth, Fort Cobb, Foss, Konawa, Oologah, Overholser, Ponca City, Sahoma, Skiatook, Sooner, Tom Steed and Waurika lake

Red Oak Area at Okmulgee State Park in Oklahoma - photo © Thomas & Dianne Jones

Red Oak Area at Okmulgee State Park in Oklahoma
- photo © Thomas & Dianne Jones

Marinas in Oklahoma

State Fishing Regulations

Fishing Records for Oklahoma

Oklahoma striper fishing

Oklahoma Striped Bass Record - 47 lbs 8 oz.
Louis Parker Jr. Lower Illinois June 1996 Striped Bass Hybrid Record
Paul Hollister 23 lbs 4 oz. Altus-Lugert Lake 04/01/1997




Oklahoma Distribution – . The first Oklahoma stocking of hybrids occurred in 1977 at Sooner Lake, and they've been stocked at many lakes large and small in the quarter-century since. Subsequent stockings have been made in lakes statewide including Konawa, Optima, Ft. Supply, Tom Steed, Altus-Lugert, Overholser,
Grand, Heyburn, Atoka, Ft. Cobb, Salt Plains, Waurika and Ellsworth.
The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation virtually quit stocking striped bass in state waters several years ago, with rare exceptions, but stockings of hybrids continue.

In 2002, hybrids were stocked in Birch, Canton, Carl Blackwell, Ellsworth, Fort Cobb, Foss, Konawa, Oologah, Overholser, Ponca City, Sahoma, Skiatook, Sooner, Tom Steed and Waurika lakes. Those fish should be showing up on angler's lines this year.

The 2002 population samples, done by netting, showed four lakes with "excellent" ratings - based on both numbers and sizes of fish captured - and several other lakes with "above-average" populations. Lakes rated as excellent included Birch, Foss, Konawa and Skiatook.

In the population samples, biologists and technicians estimate the percentage of the hybrid population made up of individuals greater than 15 inches in length.

At Birch, 63 percent of the hybrids exceed that number. At Konawa, a whopping 69 percent exceed 15 inches. At Skiatook, 56 percent surpass that mark. But the real leader is Foss Reservoir where an almost unbelievable 91 percent of the hybrid bass population tops 15 inches!

Hybrids are open-water roamers. In the spring, they run up rivers and creeks like both of their parents do during the spawning season, but by the summer time, most of the hybrids are back in the reservoir basins and are traveling in schools, chasing shad and hunting in packs.

Summertime is probably the best time to fish for them in Oklahoma. Shore fishermen can catch hybrids at this time of year, schools roam the shorelines along dams and roadbeds, and chase shad onto windblown coves.

Oklahoma Marinas

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
1801 North Lincoln, PO Box 53465 Oklahoma City, OK 7315 (405) 521-3851

Oklahoma "Hot Spots" Topograhical Maps

State Wide Regs

Limits. Currently it is 15 striped bass a day and 5 may be 20 inches or longer. Check to see if these limits still apply.

Lake Eufaula

Eufaula Lake is located in eastern Oklahoma and is the state's largest with over 105,000 acres and 600 miles of shoreline. To put that in perspective, if one were to drive Interstate 40 AND Interstate 35 border-to-border, the combined mileage would still be less than that of the lake's shoreline!
The lake is fed primarily by the North Canadian River and the Canadian River from the west and supports Lake Eufala State Park in the northern section and Arrowhead State Park just south of the halfway point.The lake is noted for fine largemouth, striped and white bass, catfish, crappie, sunfish and walleye fishing.
Eufala Dam Tailrace Below Lake Eufaula dam, the discharge channel flows into the Canadian River and at times offers some fine striper fishing. When the turbines are running, big stripers congregate to forage on huge schools of shad drawn to the highly oxygenated water.
If you're fortunate enough to be there when the water is flowing, the fishing can be fast and furious. When the floodgates are closed, the flow stops, but sand bass and hybrid bass can generally be caught there year 'round, with an occasional striper added to the mix.

Most public-use areas have gradual shorelines. Many private marinas and resorts have commercial docks with walkways and ramps.

Lake Texoma

The number one lure on Texoma, is the Prunepicker slab.

Lake Texoma is located in southern Oklahoma and is shared by Bryan County , Johnston County and Marshall County . The 88,000-acre lake with 580 miles of shoreline is situated such that it is actually an extension of the Red River . This recreational paradise offers some of the best fishing in the nation and is particularly famous for striped bass.
This 50 year old reservoir continues to sustain an excellent fishery that attracts anglers from all over. Nineteen out of 23 lake record fish have been caught since 1990. Stripers dominate here and get most of the attention. 89,000 acres.
Texoma, situated on the Oklahoma-Texas border, is a two-and-a-half-hour drive southeast of Oklahoma City. The massive lake is home to a huge striped bass population, and annually yields an estimated 800,000 of these fish to anglers. Run by the U.S. Army corps of engineers called "the striper capital of the world" it is the 12th largest capacity lake in the United States.

Lake Information
Lake Texoma Denison Dam Current conditions
Up-to-the-minute lake reports by Six Old Geezers .com

Lake Buchanan and Texoma Striper Guide

Lake Keystone

Keystone is near Sand Springs, a suburb west of Tulsa. Keystone, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lake that spans nearly 24,000 acres.

The bait of choice for most striper anglers is live shad, but stripers can be caught by jigging spoons and large jigs, and by trolling large deep-diving crankbaits.

Lower Illinois River

Mike Lambeth Oklahoma Game and Fish Magazine

Diehard striper enthusiasts have known for a long time that the Lower Illinois holds the largest stripers found in Oklahoma waters.

Lower Illinois River Below Lake Tenkiller, near Tahlequah, Oklahoma.
This river is 7 miles long From the Dam and Powerplant to where it dumps into the Arkansas river. The Last 1 1/2 miles up from the mouth of the Arkansas being the best areas to fish for these monster Stripers.
The Illinois River is also home to the current Oklahoma state-record striper - a 47-pound, 8-ounce fish caught by Louis Parker on June 10, 1996. Professional angler Jimmy Houston of Cookson came close to the mark when he caught a 45-pounder shortly thereafter. (Locals tend to avoid spreading the news of any large stripers caught, so that the place can keep a low profile.)

Stripers were originally introduced to Oklahoma reservoirs like Texoma, Keystone, Eufaula and Tenkiller in the early 1960s, but most have gone over the dams and through the floodgates since. Those fish now populate Eastern Oklahoma rivers like the Arkansas, the Canadian, and the Lower Illinois. The hearty species tends to populate rapidly and has adapted well to Oklahoma waters. As a result, stripers can be caught virtually anywhere in these river systems.

The lower Illinois River is a tailwater stream issuing from Tenkiller Lake Dam. The stream winds out of the edge of the Cookson hills from the dam site for approximately 10 miles to it's confluence with the Arkansas River. Nearly 8 miles of the stream is designated trout water by the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Department. The stream is a year-around fishery with stockings of rainbows every other week during the winter months and weekly stocking occurring Labor day through Memorial Day. The stream has been stocked recently with German Brown's in addition to Rainbows.

During the Spring of the year, large stripers invade the stream from the Arkansas River in search of trout. Many striper fisherman are aware of this favored food of the stripers and will often use live Rainbows as bait on the lower part of the stream. Stripers in excess of thirty pounds are caught by this method toward the lower end of the river.
Konawa reservoir

OG and E 's Konawa Reservoir is located near Konawa, between Ada and Seminole, in south-central Oklahoma. It is accessible from Highways 39 and 3/99.
The reservoir covers approximately 1,350 acres. It contains 23,000 acre feet of water. Depth of water at the dam is 50 feet. The average depth for the entire reservoir is approximately 17 feet.

The dam is three-fourths of a mile long and of earthen construction. A total of 925,000 cubic yards of earth fill was required to build the dam. Most of the water in the reservoir comes from the South Canadian River via an OG&E pump station. Natural runoff from Jumper Creek also helps keep the reservoir full. The reservoir has been stocked with several species of game fish from the State Fish Hatchery. Because of the vegetation on the lake bed, ample shelter and food for the fish are provided. It was constructed to provide cooling water for OG and E's Seminole Power Plant. While the primary purpose of the facility is the production of electricity, two additional important and much needed resources are provided. The reservoir and surrounding area furnish a place for public recreation and habitat for numerous species of wildlife 

Fort Gibson

Lake Map

Lake Overholser

Lake Overholser is located in central Oklahoma about 75% of which is in Canadian County with the remainder in Oklahoma County. The 1,500-acre has seven miles of shoreline.
Fishing is done for catfish and hybrid and striped bass.

Hugo Lake

Hugo Lake is located in southeastern Oklahoma in Choctaw County about 10 miles north of the Red River . The 13,250-acre lake has 110 miles of wooded shoreline and provides excellent habitat for game fish such as largemouth, spotted and white bass, bluegill, buffalo fish, carp, channel and flathead catfish, crappie, drum, and perch, with striped bass available below the spillway.

Lake Oologah

Lake Oologah is located in northeast Oklahoma about 30 miles northeast of Tulsa with the larger portion in Rogers County and the remainder in Nowata County . It is fed by the Verdigris River and a few smaller streams from the north and northeast. The 29,500-acre lake and 180 miles of shoreline offer outdoor enthusiasts a multitude of recreational opportunities including fishing for catfish, crappie, large mouth bass, sand bass, striped bass and walleye

Kaw Lake

Kaw Lake is located in northern Oklahoma most of which is in Kay County with the remainder in Osage County and is east of Ponca City .The 17,000-acre lake and 170 miles of shoreline provides a backdrop for 12 developed recreational areas.Game fish include black bass, channel and flathead catfish, crappie, walleye and white bass with striped bass being taken below the dam.

Tom Steed Lake

Tom Steed Lake is located in southwestern Oklahoma in Kiowa County north of U.S. Highway 62 and west of U.S. Highway 183.The 6,500-acre lake has over 30 miles of shoreline and is the focal point for Great Plains State Park on the lake's southern shores. In addition, the Wichita Mountains Nat'l Wildlife Refuge is situated about 10 miles to the east.Anglers enjoy the challenge of catfish, crappie, sand bass, saugeye, stripers and walleye.

Oklahoma Hybrids or "wipers"

Pawnee Lake
Pawnee Lake is located in northeastern Oklahoma in Pawnee County about a mile north of the town of Pawnee.
The 250-acre lake has about 5 miles of shoreline.
The lake is purported to have some of the best hybrid bass fishing in the Midwest.

Skiatook Lake

Skiatook Lake is located in northeastern Oklahoma in Osage County about 5 miles west of the town of Skiatook .
The 10,200-acre lake with over 150 miles of shoreline has 7 boat ramps.
Skiatook is known for its black bass, hybrid bass, walleye and crappie fishing.20 miles northwest of Tulsa, is a 10,000-acre lake comprising some heavily timbered areas. Find the shad and you will find the hybrids.
There is a 25 inch restriction on this lake and this keeps it a trophy lake. Consequently, most fish caught are in the 4- to 6-pound range, with occasional fish weighing 10 to 12 pounds. The trophy potential of this lake will should be very high in the future.

Lake Sooner

Sooner Lake
69,919 sq. miles. The 5,400-acre lake with over 40 miles of shoreline is 12 miles east of Interstate 35 and about 15 miles south of Ponca City northeast of the intersection of U.S. Highways 412 and 177.

Sooner Lake, also known as Sooner Reservoir, is located in north central Oklahoma and is shared nearly equally by Noble County and Pawnee County and is fed by Greasy Creek and other small tributaries. Greasy Creek then exits the lake to the northeast before emptying into the Arkansas River . A warmwater lake owned and operated by Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company, Sooner lies in the northern part of the state, 20 miles northeast of Perry. The 5,400-acre lake with over 40 miles of shoreline is 12 miles east of Interstate 35 and about 15 miles south of Ponca City northeast of the intersection of U.S. Highways 412 and 177. Two main recreational areas have been developed, one on the southwest arm of the lake and one on the southeast arm.

At 5,000 acres, it's is smaller than most hybrid lakes Sooner was the original stocking point for hybrids, and has produced several state records in the past. The northeast corner of the lake can be very productive when the generators are pumping water. The lake has numerous points and islands that also can produce good fishing.

Bank-fishermen fish the warmwater discharge area located at the northwest end of the lake.It is a mile and a quater walk from an area where you can park off of highway 177. There is a path leading to the discharge area.

The daily limit is five hybrids with no length restrictions.

Great Salt Plains Lake

The Great Salt Plains Lake, located in northwestern Oklahoma in Alfalfa County about 10 miles east of Cherokee , has 9,300 acres and 41 miles of shoreline. It is the focal point of the Great Salt Plains Nat'l Wildlife Refuge .

The lake is known as one of the best channel catfish lakes in the country, with much success on trotlines. Also available are striped bass, walleye, and blue catfish.

Warika Lake

Waurika Lake is 20 miles south of Duncan in south-central Oklahoma. Waurika Lake is located in southwestern Oklahoma divided between Jefferson County , Stephens County and Cotton County . The 10,000-acre has about 80 miles of shoreline and supports 6 developed or semi-developed recreational areas. Opened in the late 1970s as a water-supply lake for the city of Duncan, the lake covers 10,100 acres containing both open-water areas and heavy timber.

Waurika has a combination limit of 20 hybrids and white bass daily, of which only five can be over 20 inches. The lake is noted for its good crappie and hybrid striper fishing and has a solid food base of both threadfin and gizzard shad.

Lake Altus - Lugert

Lake Altus-Lugert is located in southwestern Oklahoma and stradles the county line between Kiowa County and Greer County . The 6,300-acre lake is fed by the north fork of the Red River from the north and has 49 miles of shoreline.

Excellent fishing can be found below the dam where black bass, catfish, crappie, hybrid bass, sand bass, walleye and white bass can be taken.

War Eagle River

Beaver Lake Arkansas

Canton Lake

Oklahoma Ham Weather


Real Time Data flow from the Army Corps

Oklahoma Striper Fishing Reports

Oklahoma real time Dnr reports

There are 27 Army Corp Lakes in Oklahoma


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Mt. Fork River, Beavers Bend State Park, McCurtain County, 580-494-6301

McAlester City Lake #1, Pittsburg City, 918-962-9300

MeGee Creek Reservoir, Atoka County 580-889-5822

Nanih Waiya, Pushmataha County, 580-924-4089

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