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Stripers 247
New Jersey - and Al Mcreynolds World record Striped Bass
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Rockfish, striper, linesider.
More than 300 pages dedicated to your favorite fish, the striped bass

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Al and Bertha in front of Cambells Bait shop September 1982
All images and text © Stripers247.com *except when used with permission.
*Photo copyright Atlantic City Press 1982 / Photographer Dan Drake

world record striper

Al says the Reel was a Penn 710 and the Lure was a black back 5 1/2 inch silver minnow not a windcheater and the line used was green Ande # 20 not the pink as others have reported.
The IGFA all-tackle world record striped bass! This massive fish was caught at night by Al McReynolds off of the Vermont Avenue jetty in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He was fishing during a September 21st 1982 Nor'easter storm. It weighed in at 78-1/2 lbs., was 53" long and its girth was measured at 34 - 1/2". Al says It took him over 4 hours not the previously reported hour and 40 minutes to land this monster. Als previous best to this point was 39 lbs. Al also caught a 15.9 pound weak fish immediately before he hooked into his world record beast.

Al McReynolds pulled this World Record striper from the Atlantic fishing at night off the Vermont Ave. jetty in Atlantic City following days of September Nor'easter storming in 1982. The fish was taken on a 5 1/2-inch long Rebel Black-back silver minnow plug on 20-pound test line. It took one hour and 40 minutes to land the fish on the slippery jetty. The fish measured 53 inches in length with a 34 1/2 inch girth, and was estimated to be 20 - 22 years old. Its 78 pound 8 oz. weight earned it the IGFA all-tackle record!
All State Record Stripers
The night He caught the devil.
Genes Beach Bar in Brigantine'.

Als Story of the catch
Part 1.

Part 2

Als Rebuttal to a magazine article written by
Saltwater Sportsmens managing editor in
the October 2004 edition of Mens Journal magazine.
* New Jerseys Division of Fish and Game Picture of Als world record striper

You may find Al fishing around Atlantic City, Brigantine, Longport Beach or the Cape May rips early to late Fall. He winters in Florida and will hit the Chesapeake in the spring and be in Massachusetts by the summer time.

New Jersey State Freshwater Record

world record striped bass




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