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Mississippi Stripers and hybrid striper fishing -
Gulf coast striped Bass fishing


Mississippi striper fishing forum

Gulf coast Mississippi - Pickwick Lake Mississippi- Eagle Lake Mississippi - Pascagoula River Mississippi - Striped bass mostly in the Mississippi River. White bass are in all the flood control reservoirs and spillways. Occasionally a hybrid shows up in the spillways - they come in from the Mississippi River from other states (usually Arkansas or Tennesee).


Coastal mississipi county Boat ramp and Marina Information striped bass

Harrison County

Weather for Mississippi

Mississippi striper records

Striped Bass 37.82 lbs. Tony C. Graves Hattiesburg, MS Bowie River 13-May-1993

Striped Bass Hybrid 17.77 lbs. Robert F. Fulce Oxford, MS Lower Sardis Lake 15-Apr-1991

Mississippi striper fishing Regulations

Mississippi Gulf Coast Striped bass fishing Reports

The Fisheries and Wildlife Service operates fish hatcheries and fisheries resource field stations vital to an overall partnership program on Gulf Coast Striped Bass. The Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint(ACF) river system is a major component in the restoration of this species.

A Cooperative Agreement was signed in 1987 between Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and the Service to establish by mutual consensus, the restoration of the striped bass in the (ACF) river system. It is believed that the only naturally-occurring population of native Gulf striped bass exists in the ACF system.

The Service, under the authority of the Gulf States Marine Fisheries compact and Mississippi Interstate Cooperative Resource Agreement, is responsible for cooperative programs to restore anadromous striped bass

Waleka National Fish Hatchery serves as the major producer of Gulf Coast striped bass. In addition to the hatchery's commitment of 850,000 Phase I fingerlings and 40,000 Phase II fish, this facility is responsible for producing 5,000,000 to 7,000,000 fry for shipment to Federal fish hatcheries in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana as well as several state operated facilities. This hatchery coordinates the shipment of wild broodstock with U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service personnel, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission, and the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Hybrid Stripers - state regulations (creel limit of 3, 15 inch minimum length limit)

Barnett Reservoir

Once Mississippi's No. 1 hot spot for hybrid and striped bass, Barnett Reservoir stockings were reduced over the past 10 years. It's been years since acres of them have been seen blasting shad. According to fisheries biologist Tom Holman of the state wildlife agency, the fish were put in the lake in 2004. "The fingerling (2 inches) hybrids put in the lake last spring will be 12 to 14 inches now," Holman said. "They grow that fast. "The stripers are part of the 16,000 Phase 2 sea runs we put in last year. They were 6-8 inches long but don't grow as fast. The stripes and hybrids find each other and form big schools." No records of stockings could be found for 2003. Holman said Barnett received 64,000 hybrid fingerlings in 2002.

Lake Charlie Capps (Bolivar Lake)

Bolivar County, MDWFP State Fishing Lake , 15 miles West of Cleveland off Hwy 8.

Eagle Lake

Warren County, 15 miles West of Hwy 61-465 junction off Hwy 465.

Gulf of Mexico Saltwater fishing

Location Southern border of state Biloxi, MS Harrison County Back Bay Biloxi

Location Biloxi city limits, N of Hwy. 90 Biloxi, MS Harrison County


Current Boat Access Facilities Under Construction

Harrison County Front Beach Pier, Ocean Springs Moses Pier, Gulfport Pass Christian Small Craft Harbor, Pier C Fountain Beach Pier, D'IbervilleJackson County River Park Pier Pascagoula Hancock County Washington Ave Pier, Bay St Louis Dunbar Ave Pier, Bay St Louis

The mission of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources includes providing public access facilities, such as piers, docks and boat launches. The Sport Fish Restoration Act Program (SFRA) benefits the public by incorporation of a "user pay-user benefit" tax cycle. The excise taxes from the sale of fishing equipment and motorboat fuels goes to a SFRA that is administered by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to provide the public with boat access. This tax cycle gives recreational boaters and anglers an opportunity to see their tax dollars at work.

Guide to State Lakes And Parks - Mississippi wildlife

Mississippi Gulf Coast

A full 26-miles of beaches are viewable from Beach Boulevard (U.S. Highway 90), conveniently accessed by easy turn-offs. These provide beach access, including a place to take photos for your souvenir books. Several long piers jut out into the water and are perfect for fishing and getting a bird's-eye view of the ocean.

Water Temperatures

Mississippi Gulf Coast

River Basin


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Upper Missisippi USGS

Mississippi State University Coastal Research and Extension Center

mississippi striper fishing
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