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Lake Norfork Arkansas Striped bass fishing

The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission stocks about 100,000 to 125,000 Striper fingerlings into Lake Norfork every year. These fingerlings are produced at state hatcheries, usually from broodstock collected from an Arkansas Lake.
Lake Norfork Striper Fishing rates amoung the best in America. Lake Norfork is stocked annually and has been since the mid 1960’s. Stripers over 40 pounds are commonly taken. Many in the 30 pound class are caught every year. There is an abundant population of young Stripers that will keep Lake Norfork dynamic and productive for years to come. Shad are plentiful in Lake Norfork so Stripers average 2.5 to 3 pounds of growth per year. A 10 year old Striper in Lake Norfork weighs about 25 pounds. Stripers prefer water temperatures between 65 and 70° F. During winter and spring, they can be found anywhere in the lake where there are shad concentrations. After the thermocline forms in May, they are gradually pushed downlake where they eventually concentrate along the dam. The reason for this is that the oxygen below the thermocline gets used up by biological activity and is not replaced until winter. This process begins in the upper lake and in the upper ends of the creek arms and progresses downlake. In order to stay in the preferred temperature that also has high enough oxygen levels the Stripers must also move. By September most of the Striped bass in the lake will be within five miles of the dam. In Arkansas, Stripers feed almost exclusively on gizzard and threadfin shad, which are open water schooling species in the herring family. In lakes where shad are not available, Stripers will become gaunt then starve without switching to another type of prey.



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