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Greers Ferry Lake Arkansas Stripers

Greers Ferry Arkansas stripers

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Call a District 10 Fisheries Biologist toll free. Perrin or Tom Bly 877 470. 3309 Counties: Van Buren, Cleburn, White, Faulkner, Conway and Perry

Construction was completed on the greers ferry dam in 1962 The reservoir that filled behind it consists of two lakes connected by a water-filled gorge called the Narrows. The area of the two lakes and the Narrows totals about 40,500 acres with a combined shoreline of just over 340 miles.


World Hybrid Record

Greers ferry hybrid striped bass lake

Greers Ferry Lake with about 32,500 acres of lake surface to accommodate both boaters and fishermen, the fishing at the lake is good throughout the year. Every game fish native to the State of Arkansas has been stocked in the clear waters of the lake by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Greers Ferry has a 25 acre nursery pond to manage stocks in Greers Ferry Lake. The pond is located adjacent to the Mill Creek Recreation Area.
Stocked fish include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, hybrid striped bass, walleye and catfish through the pond. The pond allows The pond is utilized in one of two ways. It is stocked with either stock fingerling or fry fish where they are raised to a stockable size or adult fish are stocked in the pond. The adults are then allowed to spawn and the resulting fingerlings and the adults are stocked back into the lake.
At the foot of beautiful Round Mountain and in the shadow of Sugar Loaf Mountain stands Greers Ferry Dam. Behind that structure dedicated in 1963 by the late President John F. Kennedy, glistens one of the foremost recreational areas in the middle United States, Greers Ferry Lake. Paved access roads lead to numerous parks that include drinking water, toilet facilities, showers, boat launching ramps, parking areas, fireplaces, trash containers, tent and trailer spaces, charcoal grills and picnic tables. Public boat docks provide boat and motor rental services, fuel, food and other boating supplies and services. A trout hatchery furnishes trout for the cool, clear waters of the Little Red River that flows out of the dam. This man-made fishery produced the monsterous 40 lb. 4 oz. world-record brown trout that was caught by Rip Collins.

Greers Ferry Lake also holds the state hybid striper record of 27 lbs 5 oz
Bull shoals boast the world line class record hybrid at 22 pounds 2 ounces caught on 6 pond test by Frank Falbot

Beaver Lake holds the record striped bass at 57 lbs.
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