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One of the premier places on the East Coast for surfcasting is Gateway National Recreation Area located in Jamaica Bay. 20 sq mi SW Long Island, SE N.Y., separated from the Atlantic Ocean by Rockaway Peninsula; the Rockaway Inlet links it to the sea. The shallow bay has many islands, and its shores are generally marshy. Nearly all of the bay is in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, New York. John F. Kennedy International Airport also extends into the bay. This area offers excellent access to flats and jetties.

Favorite fishing spots in the Jamaica Bay area include Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn; Canarsie Pier in Jamaica, Queens; and Breezy Point in Rockaway, New York. Other favorite places to cast one's line in Brooklyn include Bayside (Pier 69), Coney Island, and Red Hook. And of course Sheepshead Bay, a favorite fishing haunt since the beginning of the 20th Century. Many party or head boats (charge per head) sail at night during spring and fall for stripers.

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New York striped Bass fishing
Striped Bass fishing reports for New York

Access numbers are in degrees Latitude and Longitude.
            BROOKLYN                     40.38       74.02
CANARSIE PIER             BROOKLYN                     40.38       73.53
CONEY ISLAND PIER             BROOKLYN                     40.34       73.58
FT TILDON NAT'L PARK             ROCKAWAY                     40.34       73.54
SHEEPSHEAD BAY FISHING PIERS             BROOKLYN                     40.35       73.56
SHORE ROAD PARK             BROOKLYN                     40.35       73.56

New York State

Marine Striped Bass Record 76 Lbs. Bob Rocchetta, East Setauket, NY 07/17/81

Inland Striped Bass Record 55 lbs. Dan mangold Hudson River, ulster county Cut Herring 05/09/03

Hybrid Striped Bass Record 11 lbs. 2 oz. George C. Harris Lake Waccabuc Westchester County 08/26/00

Saltwater and Freshwater striped Bass records
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Brooklyn New York Bait & Tackle Shops

Bait Shop 320 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 (718) 625-0978
Bernies fishin tackle 3128 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y. (718) 646-7600
Bo-Gi's Bait and Tackle 2126 Knapp St, Brooklyn, NY 11229-5609 (718) 743-2277
Dri-Core Inc 1301 West 7th Street, Brooklyn NY 11204 (718) 234-2272
J V Bait & Tacke 2702 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 646-9754

Lark III 2018 E 34th St, Brooklyn N.Y. 11234 (718) 645-6942
Mike's Bait and tackle 2201 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y. (718) 646-9261
Manhattan Custom Tackle 57 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY 11211 (718) 302-0616
Name-it Bait and tackle 2157 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y. (718) 373-6233
One stop Bait and Fuel 2875 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn N.Y. (718) 258-0086

Pop Klee's Fishing Tackles 443 E 94Th St., Brooklyn N.Y. (718) 251-1424
Sheepshead bay bait and tackle 3029 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y. (718) 648-1310
16 St Bait & Tackle 1602 Mermaid Ave, Brooklyn NY 11224 (718) 265-9902
Smitty's Fishing Station (718-945-2642)
Stanleys Fishing Tackle 4914 4th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11220 (718) 492-9313
Stavenhagen & CO 581 5th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (718) 768-2274
Stella Maris Fishing Station (718-646-9754)
Stella Maris Charters 2702 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn NY 11235 (718) 769-5678
Tastee bait company 3128 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y. (718) 769-1816
Tiny Sport and Tackle 1724 Mermaid Ave, Brooklyn N.Y. (718) 266-3551
Triangle Sports Inc 182 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (718) 638-5300
Uncle Mike Fishing Sinkers 47 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 852-3263


The National Park service
Gateway NRA is a 26,000 acre recreation area located in the heart of the New York metropolitan area. The park extends through three New York City boroughs and into northern New Jersey.



Parking Fee
GATEWAY HAS NO ENTRANCE FEES. However, Beach Parking Fees are charged at Sandy Hook and Jacob Riis Park during the summer. Annual passes are available for Sandy Hook.

* If you plan to fish Great kills at night you must have a gateway fishing permit attached to your bumper sticker. The park police check vehicles and will ask you to leave the beach without it.

* Fishing Permit
$50 - Annual (recently raised)

There are fees for parking in fishing lots at all Gateway sites. Permits are available at Gateway Visitor Centers/Ranger Stations.

Public Affairs Office
(718) 354-4606 Jamaica Bay Unit
(718) 338-3799
(718) 354-4500 Staten Island Unit

Sandy Hook Unit
(732) 872-5970

You can Also purchase a yearly National parkpass for $50. that allows you access to any National park that requires an entry fee. You can purchase one online at their web site.

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