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The Blood Knot.


The blood knot is one of the simplest fishing knots of all and while it weakens the line by around 40%, it is still one of the most popular fishing knots for joining heavy fishing line that needs to be joined quickly.

Simply twist the two lines together then separate the center and pass one end through the center one way and the other tab end through the opposite way.

Blood Knot

This is a high strength knot to join two similar thicknesses of line. It's main advantage is it's low profile enabling it to run smoothly through rod line guidesthe most common way of joining two pieces of nylon of similar thickness together. Wet the knot before you tighten it. Very important that you tighten it evenly. Each turn should , when the knot is tightened, lie even next to the nearest turn, they should not cross each other

The Improved Blood Knot is used for tying two pieces of monofilament together of relatively equal diameters.

1.Overlap the ends of your two strands that are to be joined. Twist them together about 10 turns.

2 Separate one of the center twists and thrust the two ends through the space as shown.

3. Pull the knot together and trim off the short ends.

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