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The beast a 47 inch striped bass 92 pound striper

The fisherman on the left isBeth Versak,stock assessment biologist for the State of Maryland DNR Fisheries service.
The photo was taken by Lisa Warner, Md DNR Fisheries service. This fish was caught in the upper Chesapeake Bay in 2001 using a gillnet. The striper was tagged and released with the number 411445. The total length was 47 inches and aged in the 87 yearclass or 14 years old then, so it is 17 years old today.
note: Using my maximum on the length to weight charts it is estimated weight for 47 inches was 47.5 pounds. Looks bigger to me. If any one catches this beast dont forget to send the tag in.
He's gotta be 60 or 70 lbs by now

The second striper is a 92 pounder hauled out of the Chesapeake and tagged in 2007

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Some of the stuff may be a little advance for beginners. But bear with me until I get all the wrinkles out.If you would like to discuss a topic join our forum and share your ideas... jim

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Another Monster Striped Bass

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