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2008 Reel Guide
Mar 25, 2008
by Rob Pavlick

The Accurate TwinSpin
Accurate TwinSpin 20

The new Accurate TwinSpin 20 has a body, rotor, and spool precision machined from solid block 6061T-6 aircraft grade aluminum. Combined with a titanium spool and 14 aircraft grade ball bearings, the TwinSpin 20 is designed for big game offshore fishing that you would only think a conventional would be appropriate for.

This reel features Accurate's TwinDrag technology. Twindrag applies equal drag pressure to both sides of the spool instead of just one side. This makes a smoother drag system that requires less pressure to be applied. This system is especially helpful when you are going for big game saltwater species.

The innovation on the drag system does not end with the equal distribution. Equally notable is Accurate's pre-set knob located on the top of the spool. By using the drag registration lines found encircling the spool top, drag pressure can be precisely adjusted to your desired amount. No more "clicking around" aimlessly trying to find the right drag setting. Plus, you can change spools and your drag setting is intact!

Available in a 6:1 high-speed retrieve ratio, the TwinSpin 20 lays more than 50 inches of line on the reel spool with every full revolution of the reel's handle (also available in a 4:1 higher torque ratio). A series of circular, machined holes around the skirted spool serves to reduce heat build-up, and helps trim the reel's weight.

Alutecnos Albacore Veloce 20

Alutecnos Albacore Veloce 20

The family of Albacore reels is getting bigger. Easily recognizable thanks to the blue color of the handle and drag release button, the 20-lb. Veloce reels keep unchanged all the characteristics that made them famous in the standard version and differ only for the ratio which in this case is 6,2:1 (instead of 4:1), so as to allow an easy and swift retrieving of line. The Veloce is entirely CNC machined from a solid aluminum bar, weighing in at 31 ounces.

Besides the obvious high-end craftsmanship of this reel, the new oversized ergonomic handle is notable. Anyone who has spent the day powering a smaller handle can feel the ache in their hand bones. That is because you are relying on your grip to work the smaller handle. An oversized handle like this is less stress on your hands and allows you to conjure up more power from your arm and shoulder. Like the difference between using a small hammer and a sledge hammer, a bigger handle helps you comfortably crank from your shoulder instead of your hands.

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