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Marine Fishfinder Reviews
Feb 2007
by Rob Pavlick



If you are in the market for both new charts and a display, the new Lowrance LCX-38C HD comes complete with an 8.4" screen and an internal 30GB hard drive preloaded with high detail charts. This color display allows you to view GPS and sonar simultaneously through multiple split screen options. The display also features Lowrance's exclusive screen enhancement, called SolarMAX, which maximizes viewing at the widest angles and in bright sunlight.

Have you ever wanted to keep an exact record of all your fishing hotspots? With the LCX-38C HD GPS system, you can mark up to 1,000 exact coordinates, called "event markers," where you previously hooked up with fish. You can also save up to 100 plot trails, with 10,000 points per trail. You will never have to eye your hot spot again!

The LCX-38C HD sonar system comes equipped with one of the most valuable tools for anglers; Symbol Fish I.D. With Fish I.D. on, it automatically interprets sonar echoes and displays them as fish symbols. The fish symbols are displayed in up to four different sizes to match the relative size of the target echo. If you don't want this kind of detail, turn the Fish I.D. off and you will only see arches that will identify schools.


Anyone who has ever watched a movie when sunlight is peaking in through the window knows how the glare can severely decrease visibility. This issue is multiplied by 360 degrees of sunlight when on a boat and can severely decrease the visibility of a marine monitor. That is why the folks at Argonaut Computer have created the transflective technology for their TFLEX line of marine monitors. The TFLEX-G615 is their 15" monitor, which is designed for connection directly to PC, camera, TV or black box marine electronics.

Marine monitors, which essentially are displays designed to withstand marine conditions and interface with various navigation devices, need to be visible and durable. Argonaut's TFLEX-G615 delivers on both. The monitor relies on power efficient backlighting during low light conditions and the transflective technology reflects the glare inducing ambient light during times of high brightness. This dual mode technology reduces the amount of heat that the monitor produces, which increases the life expectancy of the product in turn. The monitor is encased in a powder coated aluminum case that is water sealed front and back. This allows you to mount the monitor in exposed areas. Plus, if your boat does not come equipped with cutouts for displays, the TFLEX-G615 is a good choice because the super thin 1.35" case can be easily mounted.

Garmin Fishfinder 400c

Garmin's new Fishfinder 400c is a great choice if you are in looking for a sounder and not in need of GPS and other technologies available for anglers. Although the normally equipped dual beam transducer is more of a suitable sonar for freshwater, the 400c comes with an additional transom mount 50kHz/200kHz frequency transducer that allows for maximum saltwater performance. The 50kHZ frequency is for deep water penetration to examine the bottom up to 1,500 feet, while the 200kHz frequency is best used for fishfinding.

The 400c features an ultra bright 4" QVGA color display and Garmin's Ultrascroll, which updates the screen for live action speeds. A new night mode provides for optimum viewing in low light conditions.

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