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Marine Electronics Product Reviews
Feb 2007
by Rob Pavlick


Boating anglers have a pretty simple progression in terms of what they need to get out on the water and, more importantly, catch fish. First, you can buy the most expensive boat at the dealership, but if you don't have the right tackle and a grasp on technique make sure you save some of that money to buy dinner because you are not going to catch it. The next thing that is terribly important to consider is the marine conditions and environment. Preparation in this regard can be made before boarding your vessel by way of checking weather, tides, and depth charts. However, as conditions are always changing, having the right marine electronics can keep you updated on current conditions and also give you an understanding of what is going on right beneath your boat. Plus, many of these products are designed with an even more important purpose in mind than fishing assistance; your safety.

Marine electronics manufacturers are constantly unveiling new products, as well as improvements on their existing ones, that can give anglers an added edge and assure their safety. Here are a few examples of what is new for 2007.

Navionics Platinum Charts

Chart plotting displays and chart hard drives are only as useful as the charts that are uploaded into them. Navionics, a leader in electronic charting, has introduced new Platinum Charts, which are available for Northstar, Raymarine, and Hummingbird products, allow you to view ocean floor structures on a map the way you would if you dived down there yourself; in 3D! Park your boat over a canyon or find a large structure with ease using these color charts. With 360 degree rotation, you can view the ocean floor from overhead or as if you were eye level.

Other new features with the Platinum Charts are satellite and high-aerial photo overlays, panoramic photos of ports and marinas, complete Coast Pilot books, wrecks, and a coastal road network that allows you to find thousands of points of interest at sea. Additionally, the Navionics Fish'N Chip, a high definition chart exclusively for fishermen, is included with select Platinum Charts. The Fish'N Chip charts, which are traditional two dimensional charts, include added contour details that help to identify prime fishing structures.

SIRIUS SR50 Receiver for Raymarine C-Series

The Raymarine C-Series is a multifunction navigation display that can be used as a stand alone chart plotter or interface with a variety of other platforms, including radar and digital fishfinders. The newest device compatible with the C-Series is the SIRIUS SR50 receiver. This receiver allows you to have the comprehensive weather information of SIRIUS Marine Weather right at your fingertips.

With this new feature, your boat can now be equipped with a real time weather station that provides you with the latest conditions. One of the most useful tools is the Anglers Advantage map, which provides satellite sea surface temperatures specifically for anglers. Buoy reports give you wind, sea temperature, wave, and visibility details straight from weather buoys. Wind forecasts with wind barbs or arrows provide you with current wind direction. Finally, marine warnings will alert you of any activity in your current marine zone.

In addition to SIRIUS Marine Weather, the SR50 receiver makes the Raymarine C-Series compatible with SIRIUS Radio's 130 channels of music, sports news, talk, and more. You can tune in to the channels through your display and the SR50 receiver has an audio output to connect to a stereo.

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