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2007 Accessories Guide
Feb 07, 2007
by Rob Pavlick


I have been cruising the boat show circuit over the winter and, although it is awesome to view all the boats in one place, one of my favorite activities is to browse the marine accessories booths and see what products are creating a buzz. For anglers, boat and fishing shows are an ideal shopping location because all the goods are in one place and everyone is looking to give you a deal.

In addition to shopping for tackle, the marine accessories that I most enjoy checking out are new inventions and product improvements. The trinity of a successful angler is preparation, organization, and maintenance. Any product that makes some aspect of this trinity a little easier is worth a look. Here are a couple products I saw at recent shows that seem to do just that.

The SeaSucker

Boaters, you can finally put your drills away. When it comes to mounting various accessories on your boat, the SeaSucker is a heavy duty vacuum cup based mounting system that will allow you to mount a variety of marine accessories without drilling holes all over your boat. Coming in 4 ½ and 6 inch sizes, the Sea Sucker can mount items up to 200lbs. The cups themselves have an integral pump that allows users to bring the vacuum back to full strength if it weakens. Plus, this product was designed to withstand the saltwater environment, with all parts made from stainless steel, high strength plastic, or rubber.

The SeaSucker mounting housing has vertical slots that make it easy to back-plate accessories, plus the center insert allows one-screw attachment of accessories with a standard machine screw. SeaSucker also offers custom made accessories, including rod holders and a mount for the portable GPS systems, which comes in real handy when you are going on multiple boats. My personal favorite SeaSucker was the back-to-back model. You can use this model to attach one vacuum cup to your boat and opposite facing cup to one of my most treasured accessories; a cooler.

Super Shipbottom Paint

Everywhere I went at the Atlantic City Power Boat Show I saw people carrying cans of Super Shipbottom paint. I thought to myself “who would want to carry a can of paint around with them at the show all day. This stuff must be pretty good.” I talked to some of these can carriers and they swear by the product. Some even commented that it is usually the top product on their list to look for when at the show.

Super Shipbottom is a hard ablative antifouling bottom paint that was invented in 1986 by chemist Jack Jones with the goal of making a paint that lasts more than one season. The magic of this paint is in the formula, which contains 62.5% pure copper, as opposed to others on the market that contain much more talc. The result is a hard bottom paint that only requires one coat and lasts 2-3 seasons. When Jack tried to sell the paint to the major manufacturers, they turned him down because the stuff lasts too long! This is why everyone goes to the boat shows to pick it up. The alternative, of course, is buying off the website.

Lure Box

Everyone has their own system for keeping lures organized. I like to keep everything I am going to carry for fishing in a five gallon bucket. However, I sometimes get frustrated with my own system when I want to bring a bunch of lures because they tangle up with each. This problem is solved with the Lure Box.

The Lure Box consists of sturdy interlocking polycarbonate trays stacked one on top of the other. You can store lures in the individual trays and the whole product fits perfectly in a five gallon bucket! Trays and lids lock together and come apart with a simple twist. Rubber collars around the center cores secure hooks and drainage holes help keep lures clean and dry. The Lure Box holds up to 40 standard sized saltwater lures.

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