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The Striper Forum All things Striper. Striped Bass Fishing Room Born on date March 11 2004.

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Old 05-26-2005, 06:33 PM
gjvnapa gjvnapa is offline
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Default Fishing for stripers from Napa to Benicia

I'm going fishing on the shore at Cuttings Wharf on the Napa River for striped bass. This is Marine Regulations area. Questions:
1. What tide is best for stripers?
2. What lb test line should I use?
3. Size or quantity limits of fish?
4. What's best bait or lures?
5. How do I rig line? Leader, weights, length, location of bait or lures?
6. Best way to fish? Slowly bring in bait or lure, or bottom fish?
7. Other tips?
8. Hotter spots?
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Old 05-26-2005, 10:18 PM
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Hi George.

Lets try to answer some of these questions.
Have a look at this page from Dept of fish and game. Check the fishing tips page. The page I have on California stripers is weak. I'll have to upgrade it some. :oops:
The regs are two fish a day at 18 inches.

Some of the guys close to the napa river may chime in here I hope. Have a look also at some techniques in the sticky located in the striper room about beginner tactics and rods and reels to use. You can rig everything this way if you like or a vatiation of it or go lighter. There is no set way but it can get you started.

Good luck enjoy the site.
How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.
Arthur C. Clarke
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Old 05-26-2005, 10:20 PM
SoleSearcher SoleSearcher is offline
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Firstly, welcome aboard! I will try to give some suggestions to your questions in the order you posted them.
#1. I think you would probably do best to concentrate on the top half of the outgoing tide as it will be the most pronounced water/bait movement. If you can do it at night...even better.

#2. I fish stripers in that area on everything from 10lb up to 30lb mono, it depends on type of bait/lure used, water clarity, type of bottom structure, etc. I suggest starting lighter and then increasing line size if you find yourself outgunned.

#3. Minimum size for keeper bass is 18" overall length with a daily bag limit of two fish.

#4. I have caught them on everything from frozen anchovies and sardines, shucked clams, shad to live or dead bullheads, mudsuckers & grass shrimp. I suggest looking up a local bait shop and asking them. The local tackle shop should freely give some helpful advice and answers to many of your questions.... just remember they have a vested intrest in putting you on fish so the can replenish your lost tackle! As far as lures go, white rodstrainer shim jig bucktails are a local favorite with a 6" curly tail trailer, bucktail dressed blue/chrome castmasters, krokodiles, and any swimbait that resembles shad/anchovy or smelt. Oriental markets often sell smelt and I have found smelt fillets to be a killer bait in the bay/delta system.

#5. Not knowing depth,,current speed , etc. this is a tough one. I have had very good luck with baits rigged carolina style with a sliding egg, or if fishing along a jetty or riprap just splitshot it practically at your feet. Alot of fish run the edges so fish those before you try to keep your bait 100yards out.

#6. Bottom fishing is usually effective with bait, but if you are convinced the fish are there don't be afraid to slowly cover ground by dragging it back. You get snagged alot doing this and often foul the bait/hook with vegetation. The stripers are usually right on top or on the very bottom....seldom inbetween the two.

#7. If you want more tips or alternate spots, send me an email with your phone # and we'll chat. Good luck out there. :D
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benicia, fishing, napa, stripers

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