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Alabama Striper Fishing - Alabama Hybrid Stripers

Alabama Striped Bass fishing reports
Alabama Fishing Regulations
Alabama striper fishing hot spot topograhical maps:

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alabama river and lake map

Alabama Coosa River = Spawning stripers Self sustaining population

Alabama State Record Striped Bass Alabama
Freshwater Stripers Records
Charles Totty Tallapousa river 1955 55 Lbs

Hybrid Striped Bass fishing record
25 lbs 15 oz -- 9/13/96 Sipsey Fork E. H. Hodges/Chelsea
Alabama Saltwater Striper Fishing Record
55 lbs Billy Henderson Hometown Fairfield Al 

Alabama boasts a healthy population of stripers. They can be found in major lakes including Lake Eufaula, Guntersville Lake, Lake Harding, Lay Lake, Logan Martin Lake, Lake Martin, Lake Neely Henry, Smith Lake, Lake Tuscaloosa, Lake Weiss, West Point Lake, Wheeler Lake, Wilson Lake and Lake Woodruff.

When fishing for stripers concentrate on the deeper waters in the lake. If you can locate schools of shad, stripers are often close by. When the baitfish are shallow over the deep water, you can catch stripers on crankbaits or by swimming spoons at appropriate depths. And for the ultimate thrill try large topwater baits if you see any surface feeding action. When the stripers are deep, jigs and jigging spoons work well. Live and cut bait will also take striped bass when they are in medium to deeper water. Fish nearby or in the river channel if it is a defined depth change. Trolling is also an excellent way to fish for stripers. Use flashy lures in bigger sizes

Lake Eufaula Weather for Lake Eufala (Walter E. George) Reservoir Noted for its excellent largemouth bass population, as well as an outstanding hybrid striped bass fishery. 45,180 acres.

Weather For Smith lake Alabama 
Smith Lake impounds 20,120 acres in the hills of Walker, Winston and Cullman counties The deep waters leaving Smith Lake provide a fishery unique within Alabama. The Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River below Lewis Smith Dam remains in the fifty to sixty-five degree range all year. These temperatures are too cold for native populations to thrive, but the cold water provides an opportunity for anglers interested in rainbow trout to test their skills. The tailwaters also provide a seasonal skipjack herring fishery (March-April) and a fishery for both large "saltwater" striped bass and white bass / striped bass hybrids (also known as wipers). The Alabama record hybrid striped bass came from the Smith Lake tailwaters. This fishery is located in a tailwater, and water is released to generate power on an as-needed basis. That means the water levels can fluctuate and fluctuate quickly. For information about intended release times, call 1-800-LAKES-11 (1-800-525-3711). Remember these release schedules are subject to change without notice. When water is released, one should Immediately get out of the stream and to a point of safety above the vegetation line. On the east side of the Sipsey Fork, there is a paved road running north off Hwy 69. This road runs for 2 miles to the Birmingham water pumping station. Many access points to the river are available from this road. To fish above the pumping station, dirt road can be walked by walking around the pumping station. Waders and felt sole boots should be used by waders because of the water temperature and the slick algae-covered rocks. This area is close to the dam, and the water may rise very quickly without warning. One can also fish at the dam from the west side of the river with access provided by Alabama Power Company. Boat access is available downstream off County Road 22 near the town of Sipsey. A recent study analyzed the food habits of striped bass. More than 2,400 prey items were retrieved from striped bass stomachs. Almost 2,300 of the prey items were shad, the primary forage of striped bass. Only twelve prey items, six bluegill and six crappie, were game fish. This is important information because many anglers assume that striped bass often prey on game fish. The Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division manages, protects, conserves and enhances the freshwater resources of Alabama including 47 reservoirs larger than 500 acres that cover 551,220 acres, 23 State Public Fishing Lakes , and 77,000 miles of perennial rivers and streams

Weiss Lake
Lake Weiss (pronounced "Wice") is an Alabama Power Company hydroelectric impoundment covering 30,200 acres in northeast Alabama on the Alabama - Georgia border. The Weiss lake fishery is the major economic influence in Cherokee County. Four free public access areas and 37 privately run marinas service Lake Weiss. The lake known as the "Crappie Fishing Capital of the World" has other fish to boast about these days; largemouth bass and striped bass are making a name for themselves.

Mark Collins a professional guide on Weiss lake in Alabama for 16 years says Weiss is fast becoming known as a awesome striper lake. "I average 10-20 in a 4 hour trip 6-15 lbs each. The state of Georgia is now netting all there brood fish for their stocking program in the head waters of the Coosa River ! Weiss is definately worthy of mention as a striper fishery. They might not get as huge here but NO other lake in the state can produce the numbers that are caught here!" Check out some of the catches on his striper reports page

alabama striper fishing

Alabama Operates 3 fish hatcheries

Carbon Hill Fish Hatchery - Eastaboga Fish Hatchery - Marion Fish Hatchery

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Steve Smith, District II
Fisheries Biologist,
Alabama's Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries

With the cooler weather, striped bass begin to feed more readily.  Several lakes in Alabama are noted for their striped bass fishing, including Smith Lake and Lake Martin, but Lake Weiss and all the Coosa River system reservoirs have striped bass fishing opportunities also.

Been fishing on the Coosa River lately?  Throwing that rattle-trap, cast after cast when all of a sudden you get a strike that you swear will be the new state or maybe even world record, only to find that you landed a saltwater stripe.  This scenario is occurring more frequently on Coosa River reservoirs.  Why?  The Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (ADWFF) has documented natural reproduction of striped bass in the upper Coosa River basin.  Evidence shows that these fish are well on their way to establishing a self-sustaining population in Weiss Lake, a feat that has occurred in only a handful of landlocked river systems.


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